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Holiday Survival Guide


Survive the holiday stress! Here are some tips to help you reduce stress during the holiday season:

Create your holiday bucket list so you don’t miss out. Check your local area for a holiday event list.

If you send out paper holiday cards, send them out early-the first 2 weeks of December so they arrive on time. If you can’t get them out early, send out Happy New Year cards instead.

Expect movie theaters, restaurants, museums, holiday attractions & airports to be busy so allow extra time & be patient. People are out & about for the holidays & there will be lines & crowds.

Jingle All The Way To Christmas & listen to holiday music to feel joyful.

Put a big red bow on it for the holidays-your car, your front door, your pet, your dining room chairs. Anything you want-just put a big red bow on it.

Plan your spring break to have warm thoughts & to get your mind off of the holiday rush.

Relax by buying yourself something extra special. Get yourself a present.

Wear your favorite holiday outfit everywhere & to every event. Yes, the exact same outfit. Make the most of your holiday outfit & the money you spent on it.

Keep your fridge well stocked with food & beverages for spontaneous entertaining & surprise guests.

Connect with work associates & customers in early December before they disappear for the holidays.

Balance healthy eating with not so healthy eating which is bound to happen during the holiday season. If you eat something bad (unhealthy) then eat something good (healthy) for your next meal or snack.

Use inflatable beds so your guests won’t have to sleep on the floor.

Buy new holiday decorations after the holidays to get the best discounts on seasonal items. Buy them off season. For now, go with the decorations you already have for this holiday season.

If you give a gift card, include a piece of gourmet chocolate with it so the recipient gets a gift right away.

Wear a Santa hat or tinsel boa just for fun.

Wear a holiday sweater each Sunday & have a festive Sunday Funday all holiday season long.

Take a holiday time out if you need to & do something relaxing.

If you plan to dine out Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, check to make sure the restaurant is open & make a reservation if needed.

Leave your holiday lights up for as long as you like after the holidays to brighten your nights during the dark winter months. Take them down at your leisure.

Enjoy the Holiday Season!

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