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Daily Celebrations November 2017


Here are the latest Daily Celebrations just for you. Take a look:

WORLD VEGETARIAN DAY. We can live off plants. We just have to try!

WORLD VEGETARIAN DAY. Make it a meatless Monday every Monday!

NAME YOUR CAR DAY. Create your own vanity plate.

A clean car looks new & looks so good on you. // JUST INSPIRATION

BOYFRIEND DAY-a day for speed dating if you don’t have one or a day to appreciate yours like crazy if you do have one.

TECHIES DAY. Gadgets & Apps get IT done!

IMPROVE YOUR OFFICE DAY even if it’s just moving the piles of paper around.

Do many nice things for many people. // DO SOMETHING NICE DAY. Everyday.

Celebrate BALLOONS AROUND THE WORLD DAY with a world balloons bouquet!

WORLD SMILE DAY shows that you are a Happy Human.

Let the Hunt For Red October, the Hunt For Fall Foliage begin! // FRUGAL FUN DAY

Search all of the online coupon databases for savings on your favorite things. Now that’s frugal fun! // FRUGAL FUN DAY

BATHTUB DAY. Put rubber duckies all over!

Celebrate TOUCH TAG DAY & play some touch football!

You decide

COLUMBUS DAY. Go out on an adventure & see what you can find.

FACE YOUR FEARS DAY. Do things that you are afraid of so you no longer are.

CHESS DAY. In life, always try to stay one move ahead.

HANDBAG DAY. Get a crossbody bag for everyday fun & a weekender bag for weekend fun!

Mentor. Teacher. Coach. Role Model. Friend. Help a girl to be all that she can be! // DAY OF THE GIRL

IT’S MY PARTY DAY so bring a gift if you attend. Always bring a hostess gift to the party to say thanks!

Go to a farmer’s market or go to a farm & celebrate NATIONAL FARMER’S DAY with a farmer! Thank them for the food!

WORLD SIGHT DAY. After you get a new pair, donate your gently used eyeglasses & help someone else to see!

WORLD EGG DAY challenge: Carry around an egg & don't let it break!

Putting mayonnaise on eggs i.e. egg salad is putting eggs on eggs! // WORLD EGG DAY

FRIDAY THE 13TH. Save doing anything crazy for tomorrow.

TRAIN YOUR BRAIN DAY. Remember people’s names.

DESSERT DAY. Enjoy a small piece of dark chocolate after each meal & always have dessert!

GLOBAL HANDWASHING DAY everyday or you will have germs IN your gloves all winter long!

Pancakes & pajamas, mimosas & brunch or tailgating & football-it’s SUNDAY FUNDAY so choose your fun!

HAPPY BOSS DAY to all! Boss life is your life since you are the CEO of your life!

Tidy Technology=Tidy Mind. // CLEAN YOUR VIRTUAL DESKTOP DAY

SELF-PROMOTION MONTH. Practice your elevator pitch so you are ready to promote yourself in 30 seconds or less even when you are not in an elevator.

PASTA DAY. Use a veggie spiralizer & make veggie noodles to enjoy.

Cut the carbs & turn pasta into art! // PASTA DAY

CELESTIAL STARDUST DREAM. And when I die, I want my ashes mixed with glitter then shot up in the sky.

EVALUATE YOUR LIFE DAY. You deserve to be happy no matter what. If you aren’t happy, figure out why then make changes so that you are.

EVALUATE YOUR LIFE DAY. The life coaches are ready!

CONFLICT RESOLUTION DAY. Work it out before it becomes a conflict. That’s the resolution.

HAPPY FRIDAY! It’s a day of total distraction. Enjoy the weekend!


SWEETEST DAY. Be extra sweet like sugar!

SMART IS COOL DAY. Glasses imply a high I.Q. That's how smart is cool!

Color Savvy: Discover the secret meaning of each color! // COLOR DAY

Go put the FUN in Sunday FUNday!

IPOD DAY-a day to ask everyone if they still have one for some fun.

MONDAY INSPIRATION: You create your own reality so make it a good one!

NATIONAL FOOD DAY-a day to be aware of fake food like fake news.

The moment of joy when you see your food coming towards you. // NATIONAL FOOD DAY

Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom // NATIONAL FOOD DAY

INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS DAY. If it moves you, it's your kind of art!

PUMPKIN DAY. Pumpkin flavored anything is almost over. Get it before it’s gone!


It’s going to be a crazy night-it’s HOWL AT THE MOON NIGHT! People & animals will be howling!
Who will be the loudest? Listen & find out!

WEEKENDER: Get ready for Halloween this weekend! Get candy or stickers or small toys for the Treaters. Get the ghosts ready to scare.

SAMPLE the Halloween candy! // CHOCOLATE DAY

MAKE A DIFFERENCE DAY. Do what you can to make a difference where you can. If you already have-great!

INTERNET DAY. Now everybody has a personal assistant!

NATIONAL CAT DAY. Cats have staff. Remember that.

NATIONAL CAT DAY. You can try to celebrate with them & see if they'll let you.

CHECK LIST DAY AKA TO DO LIST DAY. Make a list & get stuff done. It feels so good to check it off.

MONDAY MOTIVATION. Act like it’s Friday & motivate everybody!


FINANCIAL PLANNING MONTH. Put all of your change in a piggy bank & save it for a rainy day!

Time to get scared. // HALLOWEEN

HALLOWEEN-a holiday when pets, kids & adults all compete for best costume.

Now it’s your turn. You know what to do. Celebrate every day!

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