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The Benefits of Happiness


Happiness does have its benefits. They include:

A love story-yours! You realize that you are your first love. You accept your imperfections & cherish your strengths. You love you first.

More work connections & more friends. People like to associate with uplifting, positive, happy people.

Attention from others. People notice happy people & they want to know what is going on. You are happy & that’s what’s going on!

Help from others. It’s human nature to want to help others especially if they are nice. When you are happy, you are super nice & others will be more inclined to help you.

Natural stress reduction. It’s a bodily challenge to be stressed & happy at the same time. Even when you are stressed, the stress is less because you are happy.

Enhanced quality of sleep. With all of those happy endorphins floating around, you’ll have sweet dreams!

A more exciting life. Happy people tend to be more open-minded & willing to try new things which is exciting.

Good karma. Being happy creates good karma for good things to happen.

More energy. When you are negative, it’s emotionally draining on your body. When you are happy, it’s just the opposite. It gives you energy & lots of it.

Less temptation from your dark side. Yes we all have a dark side & it is negativity that drives us there. Be happy & positive to remain on your bright side.

Greater creativity. Happiness opens the gates to your imagination.


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