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Daily Celebrations October 2017


Enjoy these Daily Celebrations!


WORLD BEARD DAY. Guys-Winter Is Coming (Game of Thrones) so grow a beard to keep your face warm.

Get out there & knock ‘em down-it’s BOWLING LEAGUE DAY! Bowl a perfect game!

Your hard work gets rewarded today-it’s LABOR DAY! Enjoy this special day to celebrate the contributions that you make!

INTERNATIONAL DAY OF CHARITY. Support charities that mean something to you personally. It's easier to make it a lifestyle that way. Give as you see fit!

ANOTHER LOOK UNLIMITED DAY-a Fall cleaning day to reuse, repurpose or recycle your surplus stuff!

FIGHT PROCRASTINATION DAY. Do It Now Rather Than Later & Eliminate Panic From Your Tomorrows.

READ A BOOK DAY. Make reading more exciting. Learn to speed read. My Body Passport book/ebook is available for purchase on the Shop Page of this website.

SEPTEMBER IS SELF-IMPROVEMENT MONTH. Improve now before the New Year. Work on your New Year’s Resolution now to kickstart/jumpstart 2018!

ACTORS DAY. Everyone’s an actor just looking for a casting call.

TEDDY BEAR DAY. Get yourself a giant size teddy bear to keep you company.

Celebrate with the wisest of us & listen to what they have to say-it’s GRANDPARENTS DAY!

DAY OF ENCOURAGEMENT. Every person on the planet wants to be told that they are doing a good job. If they are, tell them. Good job!

POSITIVE THINKING DAY. There is enough Happiness to go around for everyone so always think positive to get yours.

FORTUNE COOKIE DAY. Keep all of your fortune cookie fortunes. It’s good luck!

Let the world see your creativity-it’s LIVE CREATIVE DAY. Show the world what it’s been missing.

And now a few words from Dr. Seuss: I like nonsense. It WAKES UP the brain cells.

HUG YOUR BOSS DAY. Turn this into a Boss Appreciation Day & give ‘em some Hersey’s Hugs!

Have a crazy good, really great, super fantastic FRIDAY!

NATIONAL STEP FAMILY DAY. A blended family has as much love as a traditional family. Celebrate blending-make a cake/mix smoothies-as a family.

RESPECT DAY. Be on time all the time. Punctuality is a sign of respect.

GET READY DAY for anything. Get strong-workout. Stay strong-be positive. Hang with the strong to survive. Then you will be ready for anything.

GET READY DAY. Get ready to live to 100. It’s the new 80.

TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY. Train your parrot to talk like a pirate!

Share what you know & do what you can so that no person or pet gets left behind! // JUST INSPIRATION

PUNCH DAY. Upgrade your fruit punch: Use frozen fruit with water punch in a mason jar!

White is a color for all seasons so YES YOU CAN wear it after Labor Day! // JUST INSPIRATION

WORLD GRATITUDE DAY. Thanks to all who have visited this website!

PEACE DAY greetings. Greet others with a peace sign or give others a peace sign when you are with them to make them smile.

FIRST DAY OF FALL. Watch the leaves turn & dance in the wind!

DEAR DIARY DAY now so you don’t forget all of the little details 20 years from now.

Relax & recharge your batteries today-it’s INNERGIZE DAY.

SUNDAY FUNDAY. Put your Fall bucket list together then go & do something on the list!

Bucket list. A lifetime itinerary! // JUST INSPIRATION

BETTER BREAKFAST MONTH. Look at your breakfast & think “Would a champion eat this?” If not, eat a better breakfast.

WORLD DREAM DAY. Think positive thoughts right before you fall asleep & you will have sweet dreams!


NATIONAL SITUATIONAL AWARENESS DAY. Be aware of what’s going on around you aka your situation. Take a break, put your cell down & look around.

WOMEN’S HEALTH & FITNESS DAY. Ladies: Set a new record on your fitness tracker!

WORLD TOURISM DAY. With so many great places in the U.S., travel domestically, support our economy & experience our unique regional cultures.

AROMA, BODY, TASTE-of course we’re talking about coffee! It’s NATIONAL COFFEE DAY! Drink It Up!

Head out to the YMCA-it’s FAMILY HEALTH & FITNESS DAY! Exercise there or elsewhere-even at home. Get fit together as a family!

Besides these Daily Celebrations, check out all of the other Daily Celebrations on this website,, then go celebrate!


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