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New Found Happiness


New Found Happiness is all around:

Adult Dinosaur Costumes. Adults walking around as dinosaurs because adults just want to be kids is too funny.

Man Buns. They’re so primitive & that’s why the ladies like ‘em.

Baby Gender Reveal Parties. It doesn’t matter if the color revealed is pink or blue, baby gender reveal parties are a new form of entertainment along with being a celebration.

Glamping. It’s a new way to experience camping that’s more glamourous-a bigger tent with furniture inside & maybe even a chandelier too!

The Next Solar Eclipse. We (in the US) don’t have to wait another 100 years to get a glimpse. Only 7.
Elopement Planners. They’re like a wedding planner minus the wedding. They do all the work for you for the big day. Just in case you need one.

Yappy Hour. It’s a Happy Hour for you & your pet. Why go alone if you can bring your pet? If they don’t have one of these where you live, start your own Yappy Hour!

Dessert with Every Meal. Have 1 small piece of dark chocolate 70%+ cacao with every meal as dessert rather than having 4 or 5 pieces as a separate snack to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Black & White Photos with a Touch of Color. This makes the black & white part of the photo more dramatic & the color part of the photo more dramatic. It’s the best of both worlds.

Health Screening Apps. These can’t come out soon enough to help people have a better quality of life & live longer. Let the Apps tell all.

Commercials, Movies & TV Shows with 70’s & 80’s music in them. Keep that classic music coming back.

Instant Digital Cameras. Nostalgia & technology together in a real camera that prints out your photos on the spot!

A New Culture of Motivation & Inspiration. Motivational quotes are everywhere now along with inspirational advertising. How can you not be positive & happy?

Anything Brand Spanking New That Isn’t A Version Or Remake Of Something Else. Rejoice when you find it-like this website!

As always, there will be more happy thoughts to come! Thanks for visiting!

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