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Daily Celebrations September 2017


In celebration of celebrations, here are the latest Daily Celebrations:

WORLDWIDE WEB DAY. Go exploring for new found knowledge. Find a new website for insight. This website,, provides Happiness insights.

ICE CREAM SANDWICH DAY. Instead of a normal lunch enjoy an ice cream sandwich!

COLORING BOOK DAY. Color in a kids coloring book. You are still a kid at heart.

WATERmelon. It’s food & a beverage. // WATERMELON DAY

H2O FOR YOU: Keep a bottle of water on your nightstand ready for your thirst. Your body gets dehydrated even at night.

WORK LIKE A DOG DAY aka your typical day but not today-it’s Saturday!


Ebooks. Audiobooks. Paper books. Enjoy a book your way. It’s BOOK LOVERS DAY.

Walk hand in hand & side by side with your special one-it’s ROMANCE AWARENESS MONTH. Hugs & Kisses & I Love You’s go a long way too.

PLAY IN THE SAND DAY. Make the beach your sandbox & build a life-size sandcastle.

GARAGE SALE DAY. Turn your garage sale into a tailgate party to attract people. Serve food & beverages.

LEFTHANDERS DAY appreciation. Eat with your left hand. Doing this will help you slow down so you can enjoy your food even more.

SOCIAL SECURITY DAY. Be in the know regarding your earnings. Print out your lifetime earnings statement.

MONEY GOAL: Make your money work for you. Make sure it goes to work every day.

Go Float: Floating in a pool of water is a great way to relax. It makes you feel as light as a feather. Ahhh…

ROLLER COASTER DAY. Life is like a roller coaster. It has its ups & downs & it keeps going round!

DOG DAYS OF SUMMER. Ride with the top down while summer is still around!

GET SMART ABOUT CREDIT DAY. Pay off your credit card in full each month to avoid paying interest. Don’t charge more than you can pay off.

RADIO DAY. Make a new playlist with some radio inspiration.

ECLIPSE DAY. May the solar eclipse shine NEW LIGHT on your life.

RIDE THE WIND DAY today or the next windy day. Fly a kite for uplifting fun. See how high it can fly.

RIDE THE WIND DAY. Plan a trip to get out of Dodge & just fly away.

STRANGE MUSIC DAY. Play a new kind of music to take your mind somewhere new. Broaden your musical spectrum to spark your creativity.

Settle your love disputes today-it’s KISS AND MAKE-UP DAY. Say sorry if needed & give a hug. Embrace love.

SECONDHAND WARDROBE DAY. Why buy? Rent luxury & save money. Wear real designer brands minus the luxury price tags.

Do it just because. You don't need a reason to be good to yourself or others.
Stand out: Be The Bow Tie Guy Or The Bow Tie Gal.
EVERYDAY STYLE MOTIVATION: Dress to impress. You never know who you might meet-your soulmate or even a celebrity.

MORE HERBS LESS SALT DAY for your health. Grow an indoor herb garden or buy a variety of herbs to cook with & forget about the salt.
UNIQUE FOOD EXPERIENCE: Enjoy culinary creations at a culinary arts school. Taste creations from up & coming chefs.
SLINKY DAY. Get to staircase immediately & make it go down the stairs.        
It’s the LAST DAY OF AUGUST & the last call for summer fun! Last call.        
CHECK IT OFF: Make sure everything on your summer bucket list is checked off!          

For further celebrations, just keep coming back to this website & of course have your own celebrations!  


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