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Mighty Motivators August 2017


The Might Motivators can’t wait to share their latest updates with you. Here they are:

Enjoy a guilty pleasure MINUS the guilt!

To get your mouth really clean-brush your tongue & your teeth.

Father Daughter Take A Walk Day as often as you can because before you know it you will be walking her down the aisle.

Use your storage containers as furniture.

Imagine how boring it would be without diversity.

Real tattoos can fade over time. If you use temporary tattoos, you will have fresh tattoos all of the time.

Test drive a luxury auto, tour a mansion, view a yacht & bring your dreams to life!

Grilling Month Inspiration: Smoke-the smell of danger-draws us in & makes food taste so good. That’s what grilling is all about!

Take a BRAIN VACATION & let your mind drift!

Be like wine & cheese & get better with age.

The limbo of indecision-not today. It’s All or Nothing Day so go for it all!

Plant Therapy: Take your houseplant for a walk or talk to your houseplant.

Talk in an elevator because the silence is uncomfortable.

We are all survivors of something. Use that experience to make you even stronger.

Now stay put. More motivators can be found on this website. Take a look around & thanks for visiting!

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