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Daily Celebrations July 2017


The journey of unending celebrations continues:

SAY SOMETHING NICE DAY. Today. Tomorrow. The day after that. The next day & every day of the year! Celebrate people & say something nice!

Let the hunt for free donuts begin. It’s NATIONAL DONUT DAY. Good Luck.

NATIONAL TRAILS DAY so grab some trail mix (of course!) & go on a nature trail hike. Happy Trails to You!

HUG YOUR CAT DAY. You can try & see if your cat will allow it.

WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY. The best carbon footprint size is size small.

DRIVE-IN MOVIE DAY. Go if you can find one or go see a movie in the park. Everything is more fun outdoors in the summer even movies.

RUNNING DAY. Running is your body’s natural expression of freedom. Both your mind & body feel free so put on your running shoes & run.

BEST FRIENDS DAY. Your best friend can be another person, your pet or even yourself. How great is that? Celebrate with your BFF.

Spend the entire weekend at this website & enjoy a Happiness marathon.

ICED TEA DAY. It will be a Boston Tea Party of another kind. It may even go to Long Island.

MAKING LIFE BEAUTIFUL DAY. Cue the beautiful people.

RED ROSE & SUPERMAN DAY. Find a rose garden to enjoy, smell the roses & contemplate your own superpower you can use to change the world!

June is GREAT OUTDOORS MONTH so LIVE OUTDOORS as much as possible now & all summer long.

FLAG DAY. Be proud to have been made in America or welcomed into it. Show the stars & stripes. Display the red, white & blue. Fly the US flag.

SMILE POWER DAY. From my Body Passport book: Smiling shows people you are happy & other people are drawn to happy people like magnets.

Flip flop, flip flop-it’s FLIP FLOP DAY! They make your feet feel so good like walking on sand. Wear your favorite pair everywhere.

JUGGLING DAY. We are all jugglers juggling all sorts of things.

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the great Dads out there! Thanks for all that you do! Enjoy your special day!

NATIONAL WATCH DAY. Wear a watch so you know the time & to remind you to make the most of your time.

WORLD PRODUCTIVITY DAY so get to work right away!

WORLD MUSIC DAY. Listen to your favorite music because you can.

Good Morning Sunshine Campers! /// CAMPING MONTH

TAKE YOUR DOG TO WORK DAY. If you can’t, give them an extra treat & they’ll understand. They love you no matter what.

SWIM A LAP DAY. Learn to swim. You may need it to save your life. If you know how then swim one more lap & break your record.

COLOR TV DAY. Happiness is having a TV in every room of your home.

Go float a boat down a lazy river for CANOE DAY. It’s a great way to find inner & outer peace.

SUNGLASSES DAY. The future’s so bright you gotta wear shades!

WEDNESDAY WISDOM DAY so glean all the new wisdom you can. Challenge yourself & go on a mind adventure to find new pearls of wisdom.

HANDSHAKE DAY. A fist bump is the new handshake.

SOCIAL MEDIA DAY. Go viral. Break the internet.

Now keep your celebration journey going!

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