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The Best Happiness


-Lying like a starfish on your bed or even just lying on the floor

-Looking at your own adorable baby pictures

-Thinking thoughts & no one being able to hear them

-Appreciating the sound of silence..............................

-Being more than okay with being alone

-Cuddling-up with a good book

-Sleeping with the window open for FRESH air

-Sleeping naked

-Hugging warm towels just out of the dryer

-Eating EVERY crumb of something delicious

-FINDING something really important that you lost

-Being driven & riding in the back seat of a car LIKE A ROCK STAR

-Finding deals, freebies, rewards, giveaways & lots of them


-Winning a prize & FEELING THE RUSH

-Experiencing something so good you lose track of time

-Not expecting perfection & getting flawless

-Having relationships with HAPPY people

-Being loved, hugged & kissed enough to your liking

-Being called a nickname that you will treasure forever

-Writing your signature perfectly with a fine writing pen

-Taking care of things day in & day out so things take care of you the same way

-Quitting that bad habit ONCE AND FOR ALL

-Watching people do UNusual things

-Wearing your favorite outfit that looks so good on you

-Feeling SILK against your skin

-Being noticed by someone you want to notice you

-Spending as much time as possible doing the things you love

-Finding your life’s purpose & being AMAZED

-Experiencing the pride (& relief!) of finishing something

-Getting only good surprises

-Having a puppy JUMP into your lap

-Being able to hibernate when the weather is bad & celebrate when the weather is good

-Having a band-aid or umbrella when you need it

-Having your doctor give you a good bill of health along with the regular bill

-Going away, flying away, driving away ANYWHERE

-Enjoying an “EXTENDED” vacation

-Standing on the beach with your feet sinking in the sand as the ocean tide comes in

-Knowing an awesome experience is a great memory & is a great story to tell

-Being reunited with friends or loved ones whom you’ve missed so much

-Crying tears of joy when you are OVERCOME WITH HAPPINESS

-Treating every day like a holiday & celebrating every day of the year

-Having fun as a hobby that you enjoy

-Laughing at your very funny jokes & other people’s jokes too

-Knowing the weekend happens EVERY WEEK

-Being told “Entertainment AND Refreshments will be served”

-Listening to your favorite music all of the time because you can

-Hearing the “ROAR OF THE CROWD” while you are in the crowd cheering on your favorite team

-Standing in a  s-h-o-w-e-r  o-f  c-o-n-f-e-t-t-i  during a celebration 

-Hearing the words “YOU ARE THE BEST” from someone you love

-Looking back on your life & thinking “WOW…”

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