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Mighty Motivators June 2017


Get ready. The Mighty Motivators are back to motivate you once again. Here goes:

Bucket list: Celebrate Lei Day in Hawaii. Visit each of the Hawaiian Islands & get the lei of flowers that is unique to each island.

If you have to get caught doing something, get caught reading! May is Get Caught Reading Month. Go public with your passion for reading.

Turn your good thoughts into good deeds & go from meditation to realization.

Renewal Day. Keep Renewing Your Body Passport is from my Body Passport book & ebook. It’s available for purchase on the Shop Page of this website. Renew you.

And the party continues. Party on! Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Take care of your health. Good health is the greatest wealth.

Public Gardens Day. Whether it’s a botanical garden or an arboretum, a community garden is a great place to celebrate the start of each season.

Seize The Day To Seas The Day.

Eat What You Want Day but go cautiously towards this day. Remember what you eat in private you wear in public.

Foam Rolling Day to give your muscles a massage. A foam roller is a tool that can be used at home. For some, it relieves muscle tension. Try it & see.

Here’s to all military spouses on this Military Spouse Appreciation Day for all that you do to hold down the fort at home. Today we salute you.

Top Gun Day so watch this high energy, high adrenaline movie & think about what makes you Top Gun!

Mix it up: Mix & match your clothes & see how many new outfits you have. See how long you can make it without wearing the exact same thing.

Follow the quotes-actually color outside of the lines & actually color using every crayon in the box.
Dress it up: Have your salad dressing on the side. Dip your fork in it so you have dressing with each bite.

Museum Day. The new & special exhibits will keep you coming back since the dinosaurs will stay put.

May Ray Day to celebrate the sun. Watch the sunrise or sunset & not as a quick drive by look either. Really watch it.

Be A Millionaire Day. Think/plan/work like a millionaire every day then let your life catch up so you are one.

Sherlock Holmes Day. Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? Answer these like a real detective.

Pray for Manchester. Pray for Peace. Pray for the World.

From my Body Passport book: Stress ages your body. This is a reason in & of itself to minimize it. My book is available on the Shop Page of this website,

Brothers Day. “Crown Thy Good With Brotherhood” & connect with yours.

Scavenger Hunt Day-fun for parties/family gatherings. Use it at work as a team builder/team building activity & hunt with the team.

Towel Day so treat yourself to some new all white fluffy towels. Enjoy the hotel experience at home.

When traveling, use hand sanitizer at the airport & on the plane. Fight those national & international germs.

Motivate your mind & your body will follow.

Autonomous Vehicle Day. Look up. Drones are flying. Get ready. Self-driving cars are coming. Sci-fi becomes reality thanks to technology.

This doesn’t have to end now. You can always come back to for more motivation!

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