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Daily Celebrations May 2017


Celebrate big things. Celebrate little things. Celebrate in-between things. Celebrate everything! Here are more Daily Celebrations to inspire you to do just that:

Warning: The pranksters are on the loose. It’s April Fools Day.

It’s Sunday Funday so put your Spring bucketlist together then go do something on the list!

Find A Rainbow Day in the sky or with a prism. Find one in nature or create one of your own & celebrate rainbows.

Vitamin C Day-a day to remind you to always take your vitamins. Vitamins are your friends.

Deep Dish Pizza Day & Caramel Day. Stop everything. Back in an hour. Every now & then you may need a break from your diet too. Break then back on.

LOL: April is Humor Month! Joke with others & laugh all month long & longer. Watch lots of funny movies too.

World Health Day. Take good care of yourself. Get your yearly health exams. Eat healthy. Stay active & fit. Be Well!

All is Ours Day to appreciate all things we collectively share. From wildlife to nature & even to the air, please take care because we share.

Name Yourself Day-a day to hand out “Hello My Name Is” stickers that have your favorite nickname written on them!

Hello sisters. Hello brothers. It’s Siblings Day so connect with yours. Reach out & say “Hello”. It will go a long way.

Dogs have owners. Cats have staff. Horses have whisperers. Celebrate Pet Day because pets like celebrations too.

Walk On The Wild Side Day & go barefoot or you can run since it is the wild side. Wear animal print. Be as wild as you want to be.

Escape your desk & escape the building-it’s Make Lunch Count Day. Join your colleagues for lunch & inspiring conversation out of the office.

Reach As High As You Can Day so reach high. No. HIGHER. Stretch goals make you work for it but are so worth it when they are achieved!

To those celebrating-Happy Easter! To everyone-go ahead & put the fun in Sunday Funday.

Be a modern day Shakespeare-it’s Poem In Your Pocket Day Find a poem to carry with you or to memorize & recite. It’s fun to do at a party too.

Piñata Day. You know you want to get your hands on one of these bad boys & take a whack at it.

Garlic Day so get the breath mints ready & hand ‘em out!

High Five Day so high five everyone today & for added fun, low five them too!

Tea Day. Be a Brit for a wee bit & enjoy some afternoon tea.

Earth Day to protect the earth. Practice sustainable living by doing the 3 R’s-Reducing, Recycling & Reusing. You know what to do. Just do it.

Go on a grocery store adventure for Picnic Day. Find unique international cuisine then enjoy a gourmet picnic with your favorite people.

April is Decorating Month. A new color of paint can be the best decoration.

National Phone Day. No ghosting is allowed.

Flowers, a gift card, lunch-all are perfect for Admin Professionals Day. Say thanks & show appreciation to those who run the show.

Kids want to get out of going to school. Parents want to get out of doing work. It’s Take Your Kid To Work Day so everybody wins.

It’s the 2nd anniversary of Thanks to the many visitors from around the world!

Arbor Day. Imagine if everyone planted a tree how many trees there would be.

International Dance Day. Any location can become a dance floor for celebration so go ahead & dance!

Hairstyle Appreciation Day. Great hair is everything. Appreciate yours & have a great hair day everyday!

Okay. Now it’s your turn. Just celebrate!

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