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Mighty Motivators May 2017


The Might Motivators are baaaack! Hopefully, they will inspire, motivate & empower you. Take a look:

Tangible Karma Day so leave pennies wherever you go today. Surprise others with a little fortune & good luck. It’s good luck for you too.

Being outside is good for your inside.

Having close friends who truly care about you & your success…priceless

National Walking Day. Set a new record on your activity tracker.

Laughing so hard it hurts-it’s crazy good!

Do whatever you need to do to stay healthy because good health is the greatest wealth.

Attention animals: The people are coming. It’s National Zoo Lovers Day.

If you celebrate, Happy Passover! If you don’t, there are a million other things to celebrate!

Water your plant. Walk your dog. Their Happiness depends on it so your Happiness depends on it.

Celebrate Big Wind Day in a wind tunnel. Feel the rush of flying with indoor skydiving!

Scrabble Day. Winter is over so enjoy playing scrabble outdoors!

Look Up At The Sky Day to appreciate the blue sky & fluffy clouds. Also, look up from your cell phone to be aware & to keep yourself safe.

For further inspiration, motivation & empowerment (you know all the good stuff) just come back to this website!

Husband Appreciation Day. Tell him it’s the official day but you will appreciate him for the remaining 364 as well. Appreciation is unending.

Beautiful Haiku
Nature found in words of Zen
Evokes Happiness

It takes 21 days to make or to break a habit so don’t give up before then. Actually, don’t give up at all.

Bicycle Day. Make sure you have a comfortable seat for a great ride. Get a new seat if you need to then enjoy the ride.

Chinese Language Day. Learn to speak a few words of the world’s most popular language. When written, the pictograms look like art.

Creativity And Innovation Day so brainstorm using the word better i.e. How can I make this better? See how many better things you create.

A must read for World Book Day: Body Passport book available on the Shop Page of this website. It’s Real Happiness & humor too!

Bling is bling whether it is real or faux. Just enjoy wearing it. Wear both kinds at the same time. Decorate yourself with some bling.

National Telephone Day to remind you to clean your cell phone because germs live everywhere even on cell phones.

National Pretzel Day. Make a pretzel necklace then you will be ready for a beverage tasting with pretzels to cleanse your palate.

It’s Thank You Thursday so Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You  

For all those out there trying to make the world better: Happy Superhero Day!

Now that was motivating. Thanks Mighty Motivators! 

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