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Happy Travels To You


Overseas vacations are exciting! You get to experience other cultures and have new adventures. These vacations are also an investment of your time & money. To have the best international vacations consider:

Researching each country or countries before you travel there. Make sure they offer plenty of activities that you like to do unless you prefer to do nothing at all but relax.

If you are looking for peace & quite on your vacation, reconsider going to big cities & go to the beach, mountains or countryside instead. While there’s a lot to do in big cities, they can be noisy. From the constant beeping of car horns to all of the people speaking loudly over the noise of the car horns, big cities have a lot of noise going on.

If you are looking for good air quality because you have allergies or difficulty breathing, some big cities are better for you to visit than others for this reason. Smog can irritate your eyes & contacts as well as making it even harder for you to breath. You’re not even safe in your hotel room as the smog can come in through the air vents. Also, some cultures use a lot of spices to cook with & fragrances to mask body odor & other odors that linger in the air. Your stomach may not be okay with this. Hence, you will see better, breath better & feel better in some big cities more than others.

If you are a heat sensitive individual, you may want to consider vacationing during the cooler months in a particular country or in countries with cooler climates all together because the summers sure can get hot & many countries have no air conditioning in their public transportation, public restaurants & hotels.

If understanding the language that is spoken in a particular country is important to you, vacation in those places where your native language is spoken. If it doesn’t matter to you because you want an international experience of a completely different culture, you can learn a few words of a country’s native language just for fun.

If you want to wear whatever you want while you are on vacation, investigate this before you travel. Some foreign countries are more accepting of this than others. Some cultures prefer that you adjust and & fit in & wear their native garb. Being & feeling comfortable in your clothing is important no matter where you go.

If you are concerned about a nature event i.e. a tornado, a hurricane, a flood, an earthquake or an avalanche happening, you may just want to vacation domestically so that you are close to home should it happen. Due to climate change, nature events are happening more frequently & there is no way to predict when they will happen. If you want to feel completely safe, vacation within your own country or in a foreign country where you have relatives or friends.

Now you are ready to travel the world & completely enjoy the experience. Happy Travels To You!

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