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Daily Celebrations April 2017


Here we go again-even more Daily Celebrations just for you!

It’s the start of Lent. Lent is about sacrifice. Sacrifice is meant to make you stronger so you are better able to survive.

World Book Day. The free gift when you buy the print copy of my Body Passport book is a stainless steel logo dog tag with a chain while supplies last. You can buy my book on the Shop Page of this website.

Employee Appreciation Day. Employers: Make it an epic recognition celebration with unending praise & gift cards for everyone!

March is Nutrition Month. Key players: a nutritionist, healthy food, vitamins & food labels. Create your best team with these players.

Namesake Day to explore the history behind your name so go exploring. You have much to celebrate: Namely you!

Frozen Food Day. You can use a bag of frozen veggies as a cold pack for an injury.

Be Heard Day for small business to turn up their marketing megaphone to loud! Set-up a new type of social media & promote your business with flyers.

A Day Without Women…

Get Over It Day to erase the bothersome things lingering in your head. Get rid of them ASAP so you can move on. Write them down & throw them out.

Become a member of the brown bag lunch club & Pack Your Lunch Day. It’s a great way to save money & eat healthy. Invite coworkers to join too.

Eat an apple & apple chips & use some apple cider vinegar to strengthen your core. It's a Johnny Appleseed Day Celebration.

Good Morning to The Walking Tired. Thank goodness Daylight Savings Time Spring Forward only happens once a year.

Napping Day Take a power nap if you need to for 15-30 min at your desk or in your car. Set your cell phone alarm to wake-up.

Ask A Question Day because alternative facts are out there. Questions need to be asked. Question everything.

Your reward for always being honest: You get to skip True Confessions Day.

California, the artichoke capital of the world, proudly presents Artichoke Hearts Day since only the healthiest veggies will due for you. Enjoy!

Irish is the answer. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Awkward Moments Day can happen any day & we all can relate. If it does, find humor in it & laugh. Being able to laugh at yourself is relief.

Let’s Laugh Day right here at Humor is included. It’s Sunday Funday after all!

The wait is finally over-Spring is here! Happy First Day Of Spring! We can all leave our homes now & enjoy the great outdoors.

Common Courtesy Day. Saying “Please” & “Thank You” never goes out of style.

World Water Day. Pledge to: Conserve water, keep our bodies of water clean & drink your required daily amount of water/H2O.

Puppy Day. Be a good pet owner & sign them up for training classes then go hang out at Petco together & celebrate pets.

Flatmates Day/ Roommates Day. As a way to say thanks for being a rockstar roommate, let them have the entire place for a few hours or for the weekend

Be a hero for our planet, save energy & celebrate Earth Hour at 8:30 pm local time. Let lights out for one hour lead to many more.

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. Create it. Celebrate it. Submit it. Promote it. If it catches on, it becomes a holiday celebration created by you!

Welcome to your Monday adventure. How much fun you have depends on you.

Food Challenge: Eat as many foods on a stick as you can today for Something On A Stick Day.

Mom And Pop Day so shop local & support your favorite folks who work hard to treat you just like your Mom & Pop would.

Google is not your doctor. See a real one. Happy Doctor’s Day to all the great doctors out there!

Back ‘Em Up: It’s World Back-Up Day so back-up those files & photos on your computer & cell phone so you don’t lose ‘em!

Finally, now you know what to do. Celebrate every day! 

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