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Mighty Motivators April 2017


They’re Mighty & they’re Motivators. Take a look:

Plan A Solo Vacation Day for a unique life experience. See where your curiosity takes you then plan an adventure just for you.

Fight Evil. Read books. Knowledge is power.

Turn it off-Shut it down-it’s National Unplugging Day. Take some tech time off & recharge your own batteries.

I Want You To Be Happy Day-every day of the year! Please visit this website often & see. It’s all for you!

From my Body Passport book: Fishy fish tastes that way because it's been frozen & isn't fresh. Fresh fish never tastes fishy.

Let’s reverse the norm & make the designers pay us for wearing all of their branded stuff.

Women’s History Month/International Women’s Day. Here’s to all of the women who made history & here’s to all of us who are making it now!

Get Over It Day. Stop talking about it. Once your mouth gets over it, your mind will get over it too.

Day Of Awesomeness for you to appreciate your own awesomeness & the awesomeness of the people & things around you. Just be you. You are awesome!

National Napping Day. As long as we all don’t take a nap at the same time, everything will be okay.

Asking questions is a tool to better yourself. It shows that you are interested, involved & that you care. Then you learn & get better.

Your reward for celebrating another birthday: You get to enjoy all of the things you can get for free because it’s your birthday.

Lips Appreciation Day. Treat your lips to some soothing lip balm. You can even wear it while you sleep to keep your lips soft.

An Irish blessing just for you: May your troubles be less & your blessings be more & nothing but Happiness come through your door.

Every day is an International Day of Happiness right here at Find your Happiness here & celebrate. You can even cheer if you want.

Fragrance Day. Just a spritz or two will do to draw them in.

Goof Off Day-perfect if you are on spring break. If you are not, you can daydream about spring break goofing off.

From my Body Passport book: High heels look great but don’t always feel great. Alternate & wear flat shoes to give your feet a break.

Flatmates Day/Roommates Day. Hire a maid for the day so you both can take a break.

Congrats to all US Military celebrating Medal Of Honor Day with this honor of distinction. You inspire us to go above & beyond.

If you love your work, you already have your Monday motivation.

Another challenge: Make something with the sticks from Something On A Stick Day

Today’s forecast: 100% chance of Happiness.

Umbrella Month. Rain or shine an umbrella/SUNbrella has gotcha covered!

Life is like a TV remote. You control it.

Explore crayon art; melted crayons, carved crayons, fine art with crayons or U can just color with crayons. Adults can have fun with crayons too! // CRAYON DAY

Done! The Mighty Motivators will return soon!

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