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Mighty Motivators March 2017


Here’s what the Mighty Motivators have been working on just for you! Take a look:

Photo opportunity: Take a photo of yourself every day for a year. Why? Because life goes by in the blink of an eye.

Sled Dog Day. Be the lead dog or the view never changes.

Bubble Gum Day. Chewing gum can help you chill, can help you think or be just for fun. To celebrate, see how many pieces you can chew all at once.

Thank A Mail Carrier Day. Seeing what’s in the mailbox is one of the highlights of the day. Thanks to all at the USPS for all that you do!

What a game! Congrats to the New England Patriots the Super Bowl LI Champions! Thanks to the Atlanta Falcons for a great game!

Act on your Monday motivation to have a terrific Tuesday, a wonderful Wednesday, a tremendous Thursday & a fantastic Friday!

Make it more than a quick Hello-it’s Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbors Day. After doing that, stop & chat & see what’s up in the neighborhood.

Love conquers all. No wait. Love & Laughter conquers all.

I wish pizza loved me as much as I love it.

Your beauty is so distracting in a good way.

Make A Friend Day. In all your favorite places, there’s a chance to meet new faces.

Gals-Happy Galentine’s Day! Celebrate with your tribe or your squad & toast to the power & friendship of women!

Frame your favorite Valentine’s card & turn it into art.

Beware of the chair: Sitting is the new smoking. If you sit at work all day, get up & move every hour. Take a walk at lunch & at breaks. If you can stand & work-even better!

Innovation Day. Capture your genius ideas in the free Notes App on your cell phone.

Human Spirit Day. Watch the cold air drift as you breathe.

Drink Wine Day. Being wined & dined is fun for all. Drinking the wine is optional. Cheers to happy hour with your favorite beverage.

Really enjoy your Sunday Funday here at & of course have other fun too!

Love Your Pet Day as they see fit. Talk to your pet & see what they would like then show them some extra love.

Make someone feel special & give them 2 greeting cards together-one to make them laugh & one to show how much you care.

Don’t max out your brain & multi-task, relax & single-task. It’s the way to really get things done-one thing at a time.

Dear restaurants: Can you please butter the toast while the toast is still hot like you use to? Thanks!

Celebrate Hollywood this weekend. Host your own Oscars Party with the stars in your life.

Polar Bear Day so be like one for fun. Hibernate & take a nap, go for a stroll, hang out & play & eat fish today or save these for Saturday.

Fat Tuesday-the feast before the fast so eat, eat, eat!

 That’s a wrap for the Mighty Motivators but don’t worry. They’ll be back soon!

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