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More Keys to Happiness


So are you ready to take your Happiness to the next level? I’m guessing that you are. Here are more Keys to Happiness to help you do so:

Things to stop:

Keeping Score. The score will never be equal so just DO THINGS FOR OTHERS BECAUSE IT MAKES YOU HAPPY.

Expecting others to do, behave, & act exactly as you would. They are going to be the way they are. HAVE GREAT NON-EXPECTATIONS.

Waiting for things to happen. Things will happen in their own time. Carry on with life & be surprised when they do.

Keeping up with the Joneses even just a little bit. KEEP UP WITH YOURSELF & THE THINGS YOU WANT & LIKE.

Comparing yourself to your past self in a negative way. FOCUS ON HOW YOU ARE BETTER NOW.

Feeling that you owe someone something. Unless you are given a bill by someone, you don’t owe them anything.

Thinking that you can’t change your mind. Facts change as research changes, opinions change & the world changes. YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO CHANGE TOO-INCLUDING YOUR MIND.

Letting anyone else control any aspect of your life i.e. your career, your significant other, where you live etc. Take charge. YOU ARE THE PILOT OF YOUR LIFE & YOU CONTROL YOUR HAPPINESS.

Dwelling on past decisions you have made. You made those past decisions for a reason. TRUST YOURSELF.

By following these keys, you can be your happiest self. Don’t let anyone (including yourself) or anything stand in your way.

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