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Daily Celebrations February 2017


Time to get your celebration on! Here you go!

Happy New Year! Happy 2017! Just be your awesome & amazing self again this year.

New Year’s Day. Enjoy this brand new day & year. It’s like having a brand new car with that brand new smell that you drive in any direction you like.

It’s the 1st Monday of 2017 so remember the more positive you are, the better it will be. This applies to every Monday this year as well.

Zzzzzzz … Zzzzzzz … Zzzzzzz … Zzzzzzz … Zzzzzzz … Zzzzzzz … Festival Of Sleep Day

Everyone is going to be a talking encyclopedia today-it’s Trivia Day. Stop, listen & learn something new. You can share trivia too.

Whipped Cream Day. It’s more than just a topping for a dessert-Enjoy a cup of whipped cream with fresh berries on top as a delicious dessert.

Brrrrrrr!!! It’s cold outside so cuddle for Cuddle-Up Day. Celebrate & cuddle-up with your very significant other or your prized pet.

Old Rock Day. Go on the hunt to find every kind of rock & mineral out there. Geology rocks!

Savor a delicious meal that your family prepares for Sunday Supper. Put the cell phones away & enjoy the company & conversation.

Clean Your Desk Day & drawers to help you to think clearly. File/recycle until everything is organized. Start the New Year off right-neat & tidy.

Houseplant Appreciation Day. A houseplant is so easy to love-just add water, sunlight, a few nutrients, TLC & it will bring you joy in return.

January is Hobby Month. Spend more time on your favorite hobby or find a new one. It’s a great distraction from winter.

Poetry at Work Day. When dust storms arise, is your Oasis From Life.

It’s Friday The 13th so take a deep breath. Go to work then go home. Do the status quo to survive today & save doing anything crazy for tomorrow.

Vision Board Day to showcase your dreams. Put them on a board, hang it up & look at it every day. Then go make all of your dreams come true.

Hat Day. A hat is the perfect cover-up when your hair is all messed up.

Today we celebrate & reflect on this Martin Luther King Day. It’s a day to remember the inspiring life & legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day-the most common day to give up but not for you since you turned your resolution into a goal. Be proud.

World Religion Day to gain understanding of all religions. Be curious & not judgmental as you discover insights into other religions & cultures.

Pop, pop, pop! It’s Popcorn Day to celebrate corn that when popped looks like a fluffy flower. Enjoy lots of this unique veggie snack.

It’s Be Kind To Food Servers Month-every month. Being waited on like royalty is a gift. Be kind to those who serve you & tip extra if you can.

Who wants more hugs? You can give ‘em & you can get ‘em freely today-it’s National Hugging Day! Then you will feel so good all day!

Celebration Of Life Day. Celebrate life by being with life.

Pie Day. Go Greek & have spinach & feta pie. Go Irish & have shepherd’s pie. Go American & have apple or cherry pie. Celebrate pie with pie.

Give a compliment. Receive a compliment. Give a compliment. Receive a compliment. This can go on all day. Exactly. It’s National Compliment Day!

A Room of One’s Own Day. It may be a den, office, cave or closet that is your own room. Take a roomcation & enjoy yourself.

Spouses Day-a gratitude in lieu of gifts day. Send text messages of appreciation & regularly thank them on the spot for all that they do.

International Fun at Work Day. See how much PC fun you can squeeze into the work day. Then make it a Fun after Work Night.

Happy Chinese New Year! It’s the Year of the Rooster! Eat a box of fortune cookies & read all of the fortunes & keep them all for good luck!

Free Thinkers Day to improve the status quo with better ideas-yours! Have a brainstorming day to unleash them.

Bubble Wrap Day. Popping those bubbles is stress relief & is so much fun. You can’t get enough of that bubble wrap.

Inspire Your Heart With Art Day right here on this website! Read all of my blogs then get my Body Passport book & let your heart be inspired.

As you know, life is short. To make the most of it, celebrate every day! Hopefully, these Daily Celebrations have inspired you to do just that.

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