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Mighty Motivators February 2017


Motivation? Yes. Inspiration? Yes. Empowerment? Yes. The Mighty Motivators have it all! Take a look:

A resolution is an opportunity for betterment. Turn it into a goal with parameters for success.

Motivation and Inspiration Day. This website can help you with both. It’s here for you 24/7. Visit here to be motivated & inspired.

Treat yourself to luxury sleep. Sleep for as long as you like & wake-up naturally with no alarm. Enjoy this Festival of Sleep this weekend.

A good reason to actually remember trivia: Jeopardy always needs new contestants…

If you want to see more birds get a bird feeder.

For Cuddle-Up Day, call in a professional cuddler if you need to.

Want to feel an immediate sense of accomplishment? Clean something. It works every time.

Shine light rather than cast shade.

Having fun is a hobby. It’s the best hobby ever!

Take the plunge: Completely leave your comfort zone & go to an event with audience participation & volunteer yourself. Be the show.

Now that the holidays are over, be the guest in your house this weekend. Entertain yourself. Pamper yourself. Treat yourself. Enjoy!

Dress Up Your Pet Day. Maybe just a pair of boots to keep their paws warm & dry is enough.

Hat Day. For some, wearing a baseball cap backwards rather than forward makes them look younger. How crazy is that? Try it.

The time is always right to do what is right-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Spice it up: Spice adds flavor & science says that it boosts metabolism. Think this the next time your mouth is on fire. Some advice for Hot And Spicy Food Day.

World Religion Day. You are born into a religion or you choose your religion. There is no wrong answer. Just be yourself.

Stress Buster Alert: Eating crunchy or chewy foods can relieve tension & can help reduce stress.

Going out to eat is such a treat. Even if no one can join you, still go anyway.

Hug it out to work it out.

Handwriting Day-a day to celebrate that they still make pens & paper.

National Compliment Day. You are the Best!

Fill your mind with positive thoughts then there will be no room for negativity.

After a day of work, greet your spouse with affection & not a to do list when they walk through the door.

Weekender: Warm-up this weekend with activity. Keep moving to keep warm. Set a new record on your activity tracker.

For kids 6+ applies to all of us since we’re all just a bunch of grown-up kids. Blow some bubbles & celebrate!

Art decorates Life.

That’s all the Mighty Motivators have for you right now but they'll be back real soon!

P.S. For even more motivation, inspiration & empowerment, you can get my Body Passport book. It’s available for purchase on the Shop Page of this website. It’s filled with all of those! 

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