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Resolve To Make More Resolutions


Many people joke about making a resolution and feel that it’s a waste of time. Knowing that a resolution is an opportunity for betterment why wouldn’t you make one? Here are some things to consider as we are now a few weeks into the New Year and keeping a resolution is at the forefront of mind:

*Tell someone your resolution. When you tell someone, it's no longer a secret. It becomes a verbal commitment & you will have accountability for it.

*Turn it into a goal with parameters for success i.e. have specific action steps along the way, measurements of success, and a completion date

*Get a pal/buddy/friend who is working on the same resolution as you are to stay focused

*Reward yourself along the way to stay motivated

*Remember: It takes 21 days/3 weeks to make a habit

*Remember: It takes 90 days/3 months to make a habit a lifestyle

*You can adjust your resolution if it wasn’t quite right the first time

*If you “fall the horse” so to speak you can get right back on and resume working on your resolution

*You can make a resolution for betterment any time of the year. At New Years, it’s heavily promoted since the beginning of the year marks a fresh start and it’s a good time since motivation is high.

*A resolution can be about more of something and not just about less of something. Your resolution might be to have more fun so that you have a better work/life balance.

 In the end, resolve to make ongoing resolutions. Here’s to the success of all of your resolutions!

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