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Mighty Motivators January 2017


The Mighty Motivators have make their New Year Resolution: To motivate & to inspire you even more in 2017! Take a look at their latest & greatest efforts:

Humble Pie is always in season.

Dress to impress. You never know who you might meet on the streets-your soulmate or even a celebrity.

Amaze yourself: Attempt all things on your own before asking for help & see all that you are capable of.

Coming Soon: 2017. Set the table now for a successful year. Plan & prepare to succeed in 2017.

Visit the USS Arizona Memorial when you go to Hawaii. If you don’t, you will see it from the airplane window on your way home & wish that you had.

The future is unending so all of your dreams can come true. It just takes you.

Techno Day-so party party with music music! Techno music makes you want to dance. The weekend is finally here-it’s time to techno-crank it up!

Put a big red bow on it for the holidays-your car, front door, pet, dining room chairs. Anything you want-just put a big red bow on it.

Find holiday magic in all things. Keep the magic of the holidays going all year long.

Zoo lights at night are such a delight. They’re zootastic. Go & see.

It’s so cold. Sleep in your winter coat if you need to. 

No matter where you go, no matter what you do, (May The Force Be With You-Star Wars)

Jingle All The Way To Christmas. Listen to holiday music all week long & have a joyous Christmas week.

Do what you love, a lot if it & keep doing it!

Winter Solstice-the official arrival of winter. To celebrate the shortest day & the longest night enjoy some candlelight to welcome winter.

Get yourself something special for Christmas. You deserve it. Get yourself a present. Gift yourself.

Spending time with your children is like spending time with the best parts of yourself.

Thank You Note Day. Go beyond e-gratitude & make your family & friends feel special with a hand-written thank you note for gifts received.

The longest commitment of your life is to yourself so make yourself a priority.

Card Playing Day. In the game, no matter the hand that you are dealt, play the cards you hold well. In life the same applies. Play both well.

Best of 2016: The Year of You in Review. Think about all of the great things you achieved this year. You deserve all of your success!

Time to celebrate-it’s the Grand Finale of 2016 & the Grand Entrance of 2017! Enjoy this weekend celebration!

That’s all the Mighty Motivators have for you right now, but they will be back soon. In the meantime, to stay motivated & inspired, you can get my Body Passport book. It's fantastic! Get your copy today. It’s available for purchase on the Shop Page of this website. Thanks for visiting!

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