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Daily Celebrations December 2016


2016 is almost over-let’s go out on a high note! Here are the final Daily Celebrations for 2016 to inspire you to even further greatness:

Fight crime, solve a mystery or discover history, make a recipe, find romance or Happiness...AUTHORS DAY inspiration

Find your Happiness in my Body Passport book & ebook. Both are available on the Shop Page of this website.

It’s Movember so guys grow a mustache if you can. The goal is to raise awareness of/funds for men’s health issues. You may like it & keep it.

Housewife Day/Domestic Engineer. Taking care of a family & home full time is a big job. Give them a break & let them luxuriate or take them out for Sandwich Day.

Robbers of Use Your Common Sense Day: Rushing around or doing silly things that may hurt U. Don’t let bad things happen to you. Stop & think.

National Donut Day. Go on the hunt for free donuts. If you don’t find any, choc it up to good exercise.

Daylight Savings Time so turn your clocks back immediately. There’s another call for duty-to replace the batteries in your smoke/CO detectors.

Job Action Day. So much of life is spent working so do all you can to enjoy it. Take action if you don’t enjoy it. Make your dream job a reality.

Election Day. Your 2020 decision starts today.

Chaos Never Dies Day. It sounds like a James Bond movie. When dealing with chaos, keep calm, think & take the best course of action. Be 007.

Happy 241st Birthday to the United States Marine Corps! To all Marines, thank you for your service. Enjoy the celebration!

Happy Veteran’s Day to those in our U.S. Military. Thank you for your service & sacrifice. We can all wear camouflage to show our support.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Day so have some chicken soup & ponder all of the good things about you. is good for the soul too. Please visit often.

Make World Kindness Day a lifestyle & do random acts of kindness daily. An act of kindness can go a long way-it can make someone’s day!

No matter what happens today, Monday, remember it’s Loosen Up Lighten Up Day. Keep telling yourself this all day. Then follow through & do.

Entrepreneurs Day. If you are one, thanks for your innovation to further the world. We celebrate you today. If you want to be one, talk to one.

I Love To Write Day. I love to write so much I wrote a book. My Body Passport book is Attainable, Real Happiness in the Real World. You can get it on the Shop Page of this website.

National Fast Food Day. Only eat fast food on Fast Food Day. Are you up to this challenge? If not, cut back to once a month to improve your diet.

November is Inspirational Role Models Month. My goal is to be one & to help you to be even more successful than you already are.

Mickey Mouse Day to celebrate a mouse who became an icon. All of your dreams may start small too. Today reminds you to dream big.

International Men’s Day so guys get a physical yearly to focus on health. Now, hang out with the guys in the gym, man cave or club to celebrate.

Absurdity Day-a day to visit the 4 corners of your mind. They’re open 24 hrs. Visit there & find new creativity.

World Hello Day so say “Hello” to as many as you can. Bonjour, Ciao, G’Day, Guten Tag, Hola, & Hello to all around the world!

Planes, trains & automobiles-it’s Go for a Ride Day! When traveling now, be excited for Thanksgiving but don’t forget to enjoy the ride!

Fibonacci Day. It’s Italian math-a way of counting that forms spirals in nature & art. Be on the lookout for spiral shapes. It’s Fibonacci!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy this holiday of giving thanks.

Buy Nothing Day & Black Friday-a very yin yang day. You can buy nothing & have other fun or shop nonstop for fun. Choose your Friday fun.

And the shopping continues-it’s Small Business Saturday. Support a local business & shop outside the box (big box retail) for unique gifts. Shop small.

Aura Awareness Day. It’s your energy & magnetism. Keep it charged with goodness-good thoughts & good deeds-to draw in even more good things.

Attention Shoppers: it’s Cyber Monday with deals galore-deals, deals & more deals! Shop online & see what you can find!

Giving Tuesday/National Day of Giving-a day dedicated to giving back. Please see the blog “Charity Rules” on this website for ideas.

Light it up! It’s Rockefeller Center tree lighting time! Go there & watch or watch from home & celebrate this festive holiday event.

Remember, there is always something to celebrate so make celebrating a lifestyle. Just celebrate! Thanks for visiting & come back soon. Happy Holidays!

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