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Daily Celebrations November 2016


Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate then celebrate some more! It’s one of the Keys to Happiness. Here are the latest celebration inspirations:

Garden Party time-it’s World Vegetarian Day! Join in the celebration, eat a lot of delicious veggies & skip the meat. Be a vegetarian today.

Name Your Car Day. If boats can have names why not a car? Choose the best name possible for your car if you haven’t done so already.

Boyfriend Day. If you have one, let him know how much he means to you since he tries to make you happy. Be proud he’s your guy. Show him today.

Improve Your Office Day. Your office affects your mind. Organize it so you can think. Personalize it to showcase your life. Keep it looking good.

World Teachers Day. To celebrate, it’s Do Something Nice Day so appreciate those who teach & do something nice for them (& others too!)

Silly jokes, silly string, silly videos, a silly hat-it’s Mad Hatter Day. Be silly & have all the fun you can then do it all over again tomorrow.

World Smile Day. You can uplift others with a smile. Add a kind word to that & it can make their day-so go ahead make their day & do both.

Vroom Vroom-it’s Motorcycle Ride Day. Look cool today & go for a ride all over & take your friends with you so they can look cool too. Vroom.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Ladies-exams/screenings are keys to early detection. Do them. Get them. Do all that you can to take care of you.

Columbus Day. Enjoy the day whether you have it off or not. Got out on an adventure like Columbus & see what you can find.

Face Your Fears Day. Do things regularly that scare you to develop courage. Start today.

Bring Your Teddy Bear To Work Day. Bring your significant other as your teddy bear or bring a huge life size teddy bear to keep you company.

World Sight Day. If you wear contacts get a pair of glasses too, to give your eyes a break & to have in case of emergency so you can see.

Be eggstatic-it’s World Egg Day! Eggs are an eggcellent source of protein & eggstremely affordable. Have an eggceptional eggsperience today!

Happy Sweetest Day! I hope your day is sweeeet! Be your own sweetest if you don’t have one right now. If you do, you know what to do for yours.

Choose your Sunday. You can have a calm Sunday with leisure & quiet or a lively Sunday with conversation & entertainment. Either way-enjoy!

Bosses Day to show appreciation & thank your boss. Give a gift if you want. A PayDay bar will work. Maybe more is better. You decide.

October is Book Month. My Body Passport book can help with stressful life & work moments aka everyday life. Get it & relax.

Evaluate Your Life Day. Here’s a quick evaluation for you: Life is short. Make the most of it. Be Happy.

Conflict Resolution Day. As conflicts arise, compromise & use a mediator if needed. Keep calm & be respectful to reach a peaceful resolution.

Back to the Future Day or forward to the past. It’s fun to see things from the past popular again. Enjoy something nostalgic that is back.

Make A Difference Day to get started on community service. Do what you can to make a difference where you can. If you already have-great!

Mother In-Law Day. Love her or love her. No matter what, make the best of your relationship. She’s the mother of your soulmate so reach out.

United Nations Day. Regardless of your political opinion, celebrate the original purpose of the UN which is worldwide peace & cooperation.

International Artists Day. Art adds beauty to the world. Support an artist, buy their work & make their day. You can buy mine on the Shop Page of this website.

Pumpkin Day. The pumpkins are going quickly so whether it’s your first one of the season or another one just for fun-get it before it’s gone!

Navy Day. Thanks to all who are serving/have served in our great US Navy. Thank you for your service. Let’s all wear navy to show our support.

National Chocolate Day-well all right! Bring out the chocolate dipping fountain & dipping goodies & enjoy deliciously dipped chocolate fondue!

Oatmeal Day-made with steel-cut oats is the best. For variety, add an egg on top instead of the usual toppings. It’s healthy good.

Checklist Day aka To Do List Day. It’s a tool to help you get stuff done so make a list & get stuff done. It feels so good to check it off.

How you Booin’? Happy Halloween! Have a spooktacular Halloween!

There’s more excitement like this in my Body Passport book & ebook. You can get it on the shop page of this website. Thank you for visiting!

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