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Mighty Motivators November 2016


Hello!!! Welcome to Got My Happy™ or welcome back!!! The mission of this website is to help you to achieve Attainable, Real Happiness in the Real World. All of the writing is original as you will see. It’s a great reason to keep coming back because you won’t find it anywhere else. And now-The Mighty Motivators are here once again to fire you up! Take a look:

Be the tech guru you were born to be & celebrate Techies Day. Get yourself a new gadget & some Apps to accomplish IT.

National Taco Day. The only regret I have in life is having to choose from the Taco Bell menu.

Asking questions is a tool to get better. It shows that you are interested, involved & that you care. Then you learn & get better. Keep asking questions.

For some, wearing a baseball cap backwards rather than forward makes them look younger. How crazy is that? See which way works best for you.

If you live in the city, a bathtub makes a great storage unit. Happy Bathtub Day.

This website,, is here to bring you joy 24/7 as is my Body Passport book. Enjoy!

World Mental Health Day. To have a Zen day, meditate while you take a shower to wash away stress. Also, think only 1 thought as you fall asleep.

You create your own reality so make it a good one. Show courage, confidence, kindness & positivity to make it so.

Go to a farmers market or a farm-it’s Farmers Day. Thanks to all farmers for providing the good food we get to enjoy 3 times or more a day.

Train Your Brain Day. Reading, learning a new language, doing puzzles or playing trivia games exercises your powerful mind. Keep doing it.

It’s National Dessert Day. Enjoy your favorite one or try a bunch just for fun.

Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day. Make your desktop look new again & work better. Delete than organize to tidy up. Tidy technology=tidy mind.

If you think reading is boring you haven’t found the right book yet.

And when I die, I want my ashes mixed with glitter then tossed up in the sky.

Get Smart About Credit Day. Own only a few cards to manage spending & pay them off each month to avoid fees. Use RFID blocking sleeves for cards.

Count Your Buttons Day. Gather up all of your loose buttons & see how big our collection is. Get crafty & make a button bracelet.

Smart Is Cool Day so be sure to wear your sunglasses. Not only do they provide UV protection but they show that you are smart & cool too!

In case you haven’t heard-The Chicago Cubs have won the World Series!!! Congratulations Cubs! Fly the W! Go Cubs Go!

National Food Day. Food For Thought: Not all food is created equal. Choose to eat real as much as possible for the best you.

Express yourself in your own way. When you try to fit in, you are holding yourself back. Be the real you.

Howl at the Moon Night to go wild. Step outside tonight & howl at the moon with your dog or by yourself. Have a howling good time.

Earn your own stripes & do the right thing/what’s right. Salute your inner soldier-From my Body Passport book.

National Chocolate Day. Leave a chocolate on your pillow to enjoy later & you will have sweet dreams!

National Cat Day. I wish I were a cat & had someone to wait on me hand & foot.

A room full of balloons is a unique way to celebrate a special event. Surprise someone with a room full of balloons.

Now that was exciting-now wasn’t it? For continued inspiration & motivation look no further than my Body Passport book. It’s available for purchase as a print book or an ebook on the Shop Page of this website. You'll miss out if you don’t get it. Thanks for visiting!

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