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Daily Celebrations October 2016


When I started writing my book back in February of 2014, I noticed that for the most part, people were just celebrating special events i.e. birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, holidays, etc. and I thought to myself “We can do better than this”. We need to celebrate every day because there is always something to celebrate & be grateful for. I incorporated this into my Body Passport book as I believe it to be one of the keys to Happiness. Then when I launched this website in April of 2015, Daily Celebrations became a big part of my blogs and they have been a big part ever since. I hope you enjoy these most recent celebrations and that they encourage you to celebrate every day!

September is Self-Improvement Month. Improve now before the New Year. Work on your New Year’s resolution today to make 2017 your best year ever.

Put on your favorite college team gear-it’s College Colors Day. Wear your team colors, show your team spirit & get excited for the season!

Get out there & knock them down-it’s Bowling League Day. If you are in one, bowl a perfect game. If not, bowl with friends for fun & to be social.

Labor Day-a day to acknowledge work efforts. Your reward: a day off for all of your hard work. Even better-it falls on a Monday. Enjoy!

Another Look Unlimited Day. Got a lot of stuff? Donate, gift or recycle it on this fall cleaning day. Minimize stuff that’s landfill bound.

Buy A Book Day. Get my Body Passport book as an ebook. It’s available on the Shop Page of this website. It’s Attainable, Real Happiness.

Get fired up-it’s NFL Kickoff Day & the celebrations are already underway. Seven months without tailgating is far too long to wait.

Hug Your Boss Day. Give them a hug or use a hug app instead. Also, ask how you can help them. Listen & follow-up. You will stand out.

SOCIAL IDEAS: Being social & sharing ideas! That's what SWAP IDEAS DAY is all about!

Encouragement Day. Every human on the planet wants to be told that they are doing a good job. If they are, tell them. Good job!

Positive Thinking Day. There is enough Happiness to go around for everyone so always think positive to get yours.

Don’t hold back-it’s Live Creative Day. Unleash your imagination & go live with your creativity for all to see. Express your passion.

Greenpeace Day. Keep earth clean & green with no trash on the ground only in the garbage can please. Then there will be such green peace.

Working Parents Day. They find a way to make it work while they work. If you are one, celebrate with no work & relax. Tell the kids to go play.

Eat an Apple Day. When the munchies hit, eat some apple chips!

Wife Appreciation Day. Husbands-Tell her it’s the official day but you will appreciate her the other 364 days as well. Show unending appreciation.

Arrr…it’s Talk Like A Pirate Day. If you want to feel like a kid again, today is a perfect day. Join in or watch this silly pirate fun. Arrr…

Get Ready Day for anything. Get strong-workout. Stay strong-eat healthy. Hang with the strong to survive. Then you will be ready for anything.

World Gratitude Day. To all Followers on social media @gotmyhappy & to all who have visited this website-Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Hello Fall. It’s the first day of Fall! Fall is a season of colorful change. Change moves us forward.

Innergize Day-a day for you to focus on you. Take some time to recharge your batteries. Do it as you see fit. Innergize to Energize yourself.

Head out to the YMCA-it’s Family Fitness Day! Get fit together & exercise there or elsewhere-even at home. Earn that body & good health!

Zap! Bam! Boom! It’s Comic Book Day! Nothing beats a book with word balloons that’s an action-packed quick read. Enjoy one today. Pow Pow!

Put your love into words-it’s Love Note Day. Surprise loved ones for Family Day & write a note & stick it up. A few loving words go a long way.

Ancestor Appreciation Day. Learn the history of your family tree & family name. Ask relatives about your ancestors. Celebrate your heritage.

Women’s Health & Fitness Day-a day for women to get together to get stronger. Check your area for these wellness events. Get your girls & go!

Everyone is going to be wide awake today-it’s National Coffee Day. Enjoy a cup of your favorite kind so you can Rise and Shine!

Mud Pack Day. Rubbing mud on your face is primitive fun!

To celebrate even more, you can get my Body Passport book on the Shop Page of this website along with a dog tag too. Celebrate with a book & jewelry!

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