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The Best Of Fall


Here are some of the best and/or funniest things about Fall:

-The crazy good smell of burning leaves

-A motorcycle ride through the countryside to see the fall foliage, to be one with nature & to look cool doing it

-Seeing all of the designer Halloween costumes that the celebrities are wearing

-Wearing whatever you want on Halloween

-Eating some of the Halloween candy before the Trick or Treaters arrive

-The cobwebs in your house becoming decorations for Halloween

-All of the bugs dying & going away

-Bobbing for apples. The best Halloween spectator sport to watch.

-The return of hoodies on sweatshirts to keep your head warm

-Playing backyard football with your best buds & winning

-Eating loaded Chili with crackers, cheese, onions & sour cream as a meal

-Sleeping with the windows open for fresh air & sleeping well because of it

-Daylight Saving Time that messes everything up

-A colorful umbrella & rain gear to brighten ALL of the rainy days of Fall

-Having both popcorn & popcorn balls and apples & hot apple cider to enjoy

-Knitting nonstop day and night to finish that sweater before winter

-Piling on layers and layers of clothes and wondering if it’s still enough to keep warm

-Stargazing being mystical & wonderful with bright stars, drifting clouds, a full moon & crisp Fall air

-Having a door decoration that says “Fall” while hoping that your guests don’t

-Making or receiving an EDIBLE Cornucopia for Thanksgiving

-Caramelized butternut squash & cranberries as a side dish. Yum.

-Using Mason Jars for anything & everything

-Dried flowers or a dried wreath looking festive & lasting all season long with no water needed

Always remember to look for the best things of every season!

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