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Your Fall Bucket List


Welcome to Fall! Here are a few ideas for your Fall bucket list:

-Pick out the biggest pumpkin in the pumpkin patch

-Get messy carving your pumpkin or less messy just painting it

-Eat pumpkin flavored anything

-Get spooked at the scariest haunted house you can find

-Say “Boo!” to your closest friends

-Jump in a huge pile of leaves

-Build a bonfire or a campfire then get cozy around it

-Inhale the crisp Fall air all season long

-Celebrate Oktoberfest in German style

-Get crafty & go to a craft show or make your own Fall crafts

-Get lost in a corn maze then find your way out

-Enjoy a cup of hot cocoa-with lots of marshmallows in it- while you are outside

-Watch scary movies alone if you dare or with others

-Bake then eat homemade pies

-Go on a Fall color hunt

-Dress in couples costumes for Halloween

-Stuff a scarecrow & hang it up or sit it down

-Host a Fall scented candles party & guess the scents

-Go to a murder mystery event or to a midnight movie premiere for scary fun

-Live in your favorite Fall hat, scarf, gloves & boots to keep warm

-Go on a rustic, tractor-pulled hayride with family/friends & your blanket

-Fill your plate completely at Thanksgiving dinner then eat it all

But remember most of all-Enjoy Fall!

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