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Inspirational Inspiration


Here are the things that inspired me this week. I hope they inspire you too (or at least make you laugh).

-Finding out that the Amazon truck delivers to & is at my condo building every day of the year

-Seeing Habanero plants being planted (with full grown peppers already on them!) next to traditional flowers & plants in the flower bed in front of my condo building

-Congrats to the new Miss America Savvy Shields. Savvy is a new name to love.

-The 99.999999999999999999999999% of Americans who STOOD for the National Anthem on 9/11

-Seeing a little boy playing around a grocery cart in a grocery store who suddenly blurts out “I Love You Mommy!” and the Mom replies “I Love You Too!”

-A New Zealand Businessman by the name of Gary HOUSE (& associates) buying a cruise ship for homeless families & other single homeless people in New Zealand so the homeless have somewhere to sleep at night. Humans helping humans is the best.

-The rescue dog Lazarus who had 35 lbs. of fur removed. God bless him & the rescuer, Big Fluffy Dog. This brought back a great memory for me too. My hairy dog Max loved being shaved. It was healthy for him & it made him feel young. He would come back from a grooming & run through the entire house.

- A pregnant, paralyzed woman from the UK named Claire Lomas who completed a half-marathon in 5 days. A superhuman in action. Wow & incredible. Such an inspiration!

As always, thank you for visiting & come back soon because there will be more to come!

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