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Mighty Motivators September 2016


Inspiration. Motivation. Empowerment. That’s what the Mighty Motivators are all about. They have returned once again to share their wisdom with you as follows:

Worldwide Web Day to go exploring online for new found knowledge. Listen to TED talks or Periscope or find a new website for insight.

There are so many ways to tell the story of your life-photos, videos, music, blogs, books, journals-so tell it. Don’t hold back.

When you wake up your body is dehydrated so double-up on the H2O. Also, drink plenty of water throughout the day for energy.

Be a champion of something or for something. Put on your gloves & get in the ring.

International Beer Day. Enjoy one today. Hold up your glass & say “Cheers” to everyone even if they prefer root beer. Cheers!

Life is better when you are smiling & laughing. Spend the rest of your life doing both. Smile & laugh whenever possible.

Book smart & street smart are the ideal smart package. Be both & be unstoppable.

From my Body Passport book: There will be family matters because family matters. Nothing matters more as a matter of fact.

To live life to the fullest: Have the wonder of a child, the spirit of a teenager & the confidence of an adult.

World Youth Day to celebrate the youth generation. Help & support them as much as you can so in the future they can do the same for you.

Stretch your body. Stretch your mind. Stretch your wallet. By stretching you can do more.

It’s so great to blow your own mind. You think “Wow, I can’t believe I just did that! I’m so awesome-double take-Yes I am!”

I Love My Feet Day. Soak, pamper then elevate them for relief. Schedule a pedi as a treat. Let good feet lead you to great feats!

Don’t worry about what people think about you. It’s a complete waste of time. You don’t know what people think. Focus on you.

World Photo Day so go beyond the selfie. Take some amazing photos of nature, pets, family & friends. Photos bring us all closer together.

Aviation Day so plan a trip to get out of Dodge. Maybe it’s a fall getaway or a trip for the holidays-plan to just fly away.

“Good Person” is a better legacy to leave than “Good Riddance”

Summer is cruising by so ride with it. Ride a bike, take a boat ride or ride with the top down while summer is still around. Enjoy the ride!

Vocal chords, ear drums, heart beats-your life is music so what will be your song?

It’s National Burger Day & the McDonald’s Hamburglar has escaped & is on the loose. Guard your burger with your life.

Women’s Equality Day. Rosie the Riveter hammered away & now even more women lead today. Empowerment to equality is here to stay. Go Ladies!

Do whatever you need to do to stay healthy-no holds barred-because good health is the greatest wealth.

Having fun is a hobby itself. It’s the best hobby ever!

Keep reading. It’s exercise for your brain.

For even more inspiration, motivation & empowerment, check out my Body Passport book. It’s available for purchase on the Shop page of this website. There’s a free gift with purchase of the limited edition print copy while they last. Supplies are going quickly so get yours today!

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