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Declutter Your Way Yo Happiness


Today’s Inspiration: Declutter your way to Happiness. Happiness is found beyond the pile of stuff.

This doesn’t mean getting rid of everything you have but rather being more particular about what you keep. The best material things are usually tied to a personal experience or event-birthday, anniversary, graduation and wedding gifts, travel souvenirs, achievement awards, etc. These types of personal possessions have the most meaning and should be kept.

This decluttering concept applies to everyday items as well. Regarding clothes, shoes and purses, the less you have of these items, the less time you waste deciding what to wear. In all truth, you may have a closet full of clothes but only wear several of the outfits on a regular basis. These are the ones that should be kept.

Regarding books, DVDs and CDs, keep the ones that you enjoy reading, watching or listening to over and over again. It’s worth dusting them off simply because they make you so happy. Think of them as your Happiness collection. These are the ones that should be kept.

Once you actually declutter and get beyond the pile of stuff, you will realize that true Happiness comes from life experiences and not material possessions. Material possessions should be positive reminders of your life experiences or used regularly to enhance your life experiences.

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