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Mighty Motivators XIV


The Mighty Motivators are baaaack! Hopefully they will inspire, empower & motivate you. If you would like to receive these motivators daily, please follow me on social media @gotmyhappy. Here are the latest motivators:

Second Half of the Year Day. 2016 is half over. Make the next half even better. Evaluate your action plan. Make 2016 the Year of U.

America is Home Of The Free Because Of The Brave. Thank you to all U.S. service men & women on this Independence Day.

You don’t have to buy one or the other. Buy both for double the fun!

Take Your Webmaster To Lunch Day. They keep your computer up & running so show them some appreciation or it may be digital lights out.

Tell The Truth Day x 365 days a year. Then you will have peace of mind x 365 days a year.

TGIF! Which one are you-Shopaholic, Happy Camper, Daredevil, Sports Fan or Party Goer? Decide then enjoy. More than one may apply!

We are all survivors of something. Use that experience to make you even stronger.

You can’t reach for anything new if your hands are full of old stuff.

There is no such thing as guilty pleasure. You like what you like. It’s just pleasure.

Shark Awareness Day. More sharks have come to shore so always beware. The ocean is their home & we are just visitors there.

Pet Fire Safety Day-a day to focus on pet protection. Pet proof your home, install a pet alert notice for firefighters & practice a fire drill.

Shine light rather than cast shade.

Plan on living a very, very long life. So far, so, so good!

Think outside the technology box. Share something offline. “Like” someone in person.

There’s a workout with your name on it-one that’s best for you. Figure out which one it is & keep working out until you do.

Weekender: Take a trip around you this weekend. Find out new things about yourself & rediscover other things. Make it a mission of discovery. 

It’s Monday so be ready. Be 100% motivated for some Monday Motivation. Give motivation your all.

Give yourself a standing ovation. You deserve it!

All Or Nothing Day-every day. Do whatever you need to do so you have no regrets later. Do it now. Your future self will thank you.

Feng Shui your life. Put yourself among people/places/things that bring joy & make you happy. Keep your positive energy flowing.

Be positive. Think that the glass is half full. Be thankful. Appreciate not only that you have a glass but that it has something in it.

Small acts of bravery prepare you for larger ones. Be really brave & do public speaking. You will be able to do almost anything after that.

National Dance Day. Any location can be a dance floor for celebration so go ahead & dance. It feels so good.

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