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Daily Celebrations July Edition


It’s time for more daily celebrations. What are you celebrating today? Each day there are many choices. I choose the celebrations I think will inspire you the most. There’s no wrong answer-just celebrate! Here’s more inspiration for you:

Say Something Nice Day. A few kind words can make someone’s day so go make everyone’s day & say something nice. You are the best.

Ask to Leave The Office Early Day. To leave early, work harder & smarter to get your work done then head out the door for some fun.

Let the hunt for free donuts begin. It’s Donut Day. Good Luck.

It's Trails Day so take some trail mix & go on a nature trail hike. “Happy Trails To You Until We Meet Again” –Roy Rogers/Dale Evans

Cancer Survivors Day. Survivors: Your courage & strength is an inspiration to us all. We celebrate you today.

Thank God It’s Monday Day to remember the more positive you are on Mondays, the better they will be.

June is Great Outdoors Month so live outdoors as much as possible now & all summer long. Get comfortable & watch for shooting stars at night.

Best Friends Day. Your best friend can be another person, your pet or even yourself. How great is that? Celebrate with your best friend.

World Oceans Day. Let’s do our part & keep it beautiful not only for us but for all of the animals that live there so we all can enjoy it forever.

For Jerky Day, do your own taste test. Try beef jerky & turkey jerky & see which one you like better. It’s a fun way to try it.

Iced Tea Day. It will be a Boston Tea Party of another kind. It may even go to Long Island. Have a glass today.

Making Life Beautiful Day. Start each day with gratitude since life is already beautiful then share your beautifulness with the world.

Red Rose Day & Superman Day. Find a rose garden to enjoy, smell the roses & contemplate your own superpower you can use to change the world!

June is Camping Month so go camping. Put up a tent, chill out & enjoy the fresh air all day & night even if it’s just in your own backyard.

Flag Day. Be proud to have been made in America or welcomed into it. Show the stars & stripes. Display the red, white & blue. Fly the U.S. flag.

Smile Power Day. The true power of a smile is to get others to smile. Use your best accessory, your smile. Keep smiling & others will too!

Head out to your local farmers’ market-it’s Fresh Veggies Day. Stock up on the freshest veggies then have a feast that’s a real garden party.

Garden party time. It’s Eat Your Vegetables Day. Find any reason you can to eat more veggies today & every day because they're so good for you.

Go Fishing Day to enjoy nature & practice patience. Remember good things come to those who wait especially if it’s for a big fish.

Welcome to summer! Enjoy 16 hours of daylight today-more time for more fun & more days like it yet to come. Have unending fun this summer!

Selfie Day-You know how to take one but does your grandma? If she doesn’t, show her how. Help grandma take a great selfie.

It's Wednesday Wisdom Day so glean all the new wisdom you can. Challenge yourself & go on a mind adventure to find new pearls of wisdom.

Let It Go Day. Write down your negative thoughts & delete them/throw them away. Your thoughts just need a personal assistant to help you move on.

Take Your Dog To Work Day. Do this if you can. If not, give them an extra treat & they’ll understand. They love you no matter what.

Global Beatles Day. These British Icons brought their music to America & we couldn’t get enough of it. We still can’t. Rock out to the Beatles.

Go float your boat down a lazy river for Canoe Day. It’s a great way to find inner & outer peace.

Sunglasses Day. Wear your sunglasses & think (The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades-Timbuk3)

Insurance Awareness Day. Protect who/what you love with insurance. Even pets need insurance. Review/update your policies. Insure your life.

It’s Camera Day always-so be ready. The minute you walk out the door you are on camera everywhere you go so smile because you are a real celebrity.

Social Media Day-a day to rejoice in extra posts & tweets. Use your social media for good then others will follow suit & “Follow” you. Have fun.

There will be more daily celebrations to come. In the meantime, for further inspiration, my Body Passport book is available for purchase on the shop page of this website. There’s a free gift with purchase but quantities are limited. Get yours today!                                                                                    

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