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Mighty Motivators XI


Get ready. The Mighty Motivators are back to inspire you once again. Here goes:

Today is Fun Day so say “Yes” to fun-but don’t stop there. Turn it into a Fun Weekend & say “Yes” to fun all weekend long!

Immerse yourself in the culture of positivity & see the best in the world.

Go For Broke Day. Give it your all to get your all. The sooner you do, the longer you can enjoy it. Go for it!

Baby steps, small steps, big steps, giant steps-just keep taking steps, walking & moving forward.

Laughing not only helps you feel good when things are good, but it can help you feel better under stressful situations.

Zoo Lovers Day so spend some time at the zoo. Visit with the animals & cherish a place we all share.

The amount of time to your next goal is a measure of your discipline.

Great things can happen when you dare to be different.

To look your best & look like a celebrity, have your most important outfit(s) professionally tailored to fit you perfectly.

Look Up At The Sky Day so appreciate the blue sky & fluffy clouds. Also, look up from your cell phone to be aware & to keep yourself safe.

April is humor month so go to a comedy club, watch a funny movie/TV show & joke with others. Laugh all month long & longer.

Don’t let Monday get in the way of your awesomeness.

There are no endings only new chapters that are opened in your book of life.

Speak only words that you would like to have spoken to you.

Get the best education. Be book & street smart. Read books & go out into the world & experience as much as possible to be unstoppable.

Happy Friday & to all those celebrating, Happy Passover!

Take a chance to get out of your comfort zone. Do something you have never done before to really get out or just take a step to your dreams.

Superfoods are meant to make you feel super like Superman/Wonder Woman. Eat them & get out your cape.

It’s the 1st anniversary of! Thanks to the many visitors from around the world. All the Best-Your Concierge For Happiness, Got My Happy™

Cubicle Day to improve your work area. Have your motivators in sight: family photos, awards & other motivational items to inspire success.

Dance Day. Dancing is unique. It’s art & a sport. Any location can become a dance floor for celebration so go ahead & dance. It feels so good.

That is all the Mighty Motivators have for you right now, but they will return. In the meantime, for further inspiration, my book Got My Happy™: Body Passport is available for purchase. There’s a free gift with your order of the print copy while supplies last. It’s available on the shop page of this website. It’s meant to help you to be a better you.

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