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More Daily Celebrations February Edition


Celebrations, celebrations, celebrations! Everyone loves celebrations. Celebrations mirror Happiness. This is why you need to celebrate every day. What you choose to celebrate is up to you. I provide suggestions every day on social media for inspiration but ultimately it's up to you. You can follow @gotmyhappy if you like for daily updates. Below are recent celebration inspirations:

Innovation Day. If you have an idea, explore & research it. Pursue it if viable because eventually someone else will think of it too-so be 1st.

It's Human Spirit Day so embrace your spirit & use it to show kindness to others as it's Random Acts Of Kindness Day too. Make it a lifestyle.

National Drink Wine Day. Being wined & dined is fun for all. Drinking the wine is optional. Cheers to happy hour with your favorite beverage.

It's Chocolate Mint Day. Support the Girl Scouts & buy some Thin Mints.

February is bird feeding month. Does tweeting count? I feed Twitter every day with original & unique tweets.

Single Tasking Day. Tackle something you need to get done. Focus only on it-no multitasking. You might like single tasking so much you do it weekly.

Be Humble Day. Thank you for following me on Twitter & congratulations on all of your current & future success.

Love Love Play Tennis Day! Whether it's on the court or on the table (table tennis/ping pong), tennis is the game to play today so go play it.

Inconvenience Yourself Day to be nice & to help others. Is helping others an inconvenience? No it's a joy. Silly name day but good intentions.

Introduce A Girl To Engineering Day. Too few women go into engineering because as girls they know too little about it. Inspire her mind with it now.

Personal Chef Day to cater to anyone who cooks for you & makes you feel like a celebrity. Give them a break. Order in, dine out or cook for them.

Polar Bear Day-so be like one for fun. Hibernate & take a nap, go for a stroll, hang out & play & eat fish today. Have a relaxing Saturday.

Floral Design Day. Floral design is art to express emotions or to add beauty. Treat yourself to flowers or a gift with a floral design on it.

Leap Year Day. To celebrate make a time capsule. Take photos & collect memorabilia. Write down where you want to be in 4 years. Put it away until 2020.

There will be more celebration inspirations to come. In the meantime, my book Got My Happy™: Body Passport is available for purchase on the shop page of this website. The subject is Real, Attainable Happiness in the Real World. It's a lifetime of Happiness in one book from lessons learned. It can help you if you are dealing with stressful life or work moments. Retail price is $14.95 but on this website it's only $10 plus shipping in the US. There is a free gift with purchase of the print copy but supplies are limited so get yours today & don't forget to get a dog tag too!
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