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Daily Celebrations January Edition


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Whether you are a new visitor to this website or a returning visitor-welcome or welcome back! It's great that you have chosen to stop here for a while. One of the platforms of Got My Happy™ is that you are celebrating something every day in order to live your life to its fullest. The good news is that there is always something in the world to celebrate! The inspirations listed below are from my daily celebrations posted on social media. They are meant to inspire you to have your own celebrations. Also, you are welcome to follow me at @gotmyhappy on Twitter, Pinterest, & Facebook & remember your ABC's-Always Be Celebrating!

It's New Year's Day- a brand new year & day. It's so exciting-brand new. It means you get to make it your own in your own way. Start anew today.

Motivation & Inspiration Day. can help you with both. It's here for you 24/7. Visit here to be motivated & inspired.

It's Fruitcake Toss Day or have some other silly fun on this Sunday Funday. Silly fun is creative fun so create some fun today. Fun is fun.

Thank God its Monday Day- the 1st Monday of 2016 & you are ready to have the best year ever. You know what to do. Make it happen!

January is hobby month. Spend more time on your hobby/find a new one this month. It's a great distraction from winter.

Attention all who need to cuddle-it's Cuddle Up Day. Celebrate & cuddle with another or your pet or pillow. Then make every day a cuddle day.

It's Old Rock Day so go outside today & look for rocks/fossils. Rocks withstand the test of time & stay beautiful. Geology rocks.

It's Joy Germ Day. Happiness is contagious so be positive & kind to spread joy to all those you meet. Share this during Show And Tell At Work Day.

It's Vision Board Day-a day to showcase your dreams. Put them on a board, hang it up, look at it every day & make all of your dreams come true.

It's Sunday Supper. Enjoy a delicious meal that your family makes together with much conversation. It's super family time. Enjoy it often.

It's Clean Off Your Desk Day so you can think clearly. File/recycle until everything left is organized. Start the New Year off right-neat & tidy.

Poetry At Work Day. When dust storms arise, Got My happy™ is your oasis from life.

It's Rubber Ducky Day-a day to celebrate your inner child. It stays forever young & just wants to have fun so go get yourself a rubber ducky.

It's Dress Up Your Pet Day to celebrate pets. Maybe a pair of boots to keep their paws warm/dry is enough. Maybe more attire is needed. You decide.

Whether it's as a fashion statement or as protection from the sun or cold weather, wear your favorite hat today-it's Hat Day.

It's Hot And Spicy Food Day-a day to celebrate food with real zest. Spice adds flavor & has health benefits. Eat food that has a little kick.

The celebrations will continue going forward. In the meantime, why not buy my book Got My Happy™: Body Passport to stay motivated & inspired? It's Attainable Real Happiness in the Real World. It's available on the shop page of this website. Retail is $14.95 but on this website it's only $10.00 plus shipping in the US. There is a free gift with purchase but quantities are limited so order today!

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