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Your Best January Ever


Happy New Year! Happy 2016! I hope that you had a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends and that you enjoyed your time to relax and to celebrate. Now it's time to focus on 2016. Let's focus now on January to make it your best January ever. There are 6 things that you need to focus on to be successful to start the New Year:

1-Maximize your daylight exposure to keep your spirits up. Winter is here, but don't let that rob you of Happiness. Be aware that winter can do this, especially in January, because it's cold and darker earlier outside. To combat this, keep the shades of your windows open during the day to allow the natural daylight to come in. Also, go outside as much as you can during the day, even if it's for a short walk, to take in the natural daylight as well.

2-Keep up your regular routine. It's tempting to stay home and to sleep a lot more, but hibernating like a bear is not the best approach. Short naps are okay, but no longer than 20 minutes. Stay active to take on winter. It warms you up and keeps you fit.  

3-Take comfort in others and not in food to manage the cold weather. Alone time in the winter can often lead to a lonely winter so make a conscious effort to stay in contact with others. Call them up. Connect on social media. Meet in person and spend time together sharing an experience i.e. a sporting event, a movie etc. Get out of the house as much as you can. This includes actually going out to the grocery store to get your groceries rather than having your food delivered. Also, since your body is working harder due to the cold of winter, focus on eating healthier and more nutritious food for energy. Comfort food only comforts you for a minute, but it can stick with you all winter. Then you'll have a new problem in the springtime. It's better to take comfort in others during the winter rather than in food.

4-Focus on enjoying your hobby and expanding your creativity. Since January is hobby and creativity month, focus on both of these things. Spend extra time on your hobby or even find a new one. It can be a great distraction from the cold and snow especially if it's something that you enjoy doing. Also, focus on your own creativity. There are so many things that you can do to expand your creativity that you could do something new every day for the entire month. They include: reading new books, listening to motivational speeches (i.e. TED talks), learning a new skill (such as CPR), taking notes on life, watching classic movies, going to the theater or a museum and many more. By focusing on your creativity, you'll keep your inner light bright during the winter.

5-Leave your holiday lights up (and other holiday decorations) for as long as you want. Since there's no rule as to when they should be taken down, you decide how long to leave them up. They can provide you with additional light in the evenings as well as cheer you up during the darker winter months.

6-Work on your New Year's Resolution all month long. Often, New Year's Resolutions are abandoned after a few days or weeks. Turn your resolution into a goal with parameters, specific actions that you need to take and deadlines to work towards. You'll probably need the month of January if not more to complete your New Year's Resolution. By working on your own self-improvement, winter will pass by quickly and the end result will be a better you!

Hopefully, based upon the above suggestions, you'll be able to navigate through the darkness of winter to be happy in January. May you have the best January ever!

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