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Daily Celebrations November Edition


The holiday season is finally here & I'm sure that you are celebrating, celebrating & celebrating! These are my most recent daily celebrations from my social media posts. I hope they inspire you to celebrate even more! Happy Holiday Season!

It's Daylight Saving Time so clocks are turned back. There's another call for duty today-to replace the batteries in your smoke/CO detectors.

Author's Day. Fight crime, solve a mystery or discover history, make a recipe, find romance or Happiness-buy a book & support an author-How about my book Got My Happy™: Body Passport? It's available for purchase on this website. It can help you to deal with the stress of the holidays.

It's Movember so guys grow a mustache if you can. The goal is to raise awareness of & funds for men's health issues. You may like it & keep it.

Domestic Goddess Day aka Housewife's Day. She makes her house a home & tends to her family. Do something special today worthy of a goddess.

Stress Awareness Day X 365 days a year. Technology/work cause the most. You hold a lot of it in your head. Get a scalp massage for relief.

Love Your Red Hair Day. A day for redheads to embrace their red tresses with confidence. If you are one, celebrate today & keep celebrating!

Another Day. Another doughnut. It's National doughnut Day again. What is going on? It's time for lunch. Maybe make that a doughnut sandwich.

You can eat & make sound because its National Nachos Day or you can listen to sound because it's National Saxophone Day. Enjoy some sound today.

Dark Chocolate with Almonds Day. These 2 superfoods are paired together today. It's a 5 star dessert! Bite into some & get your healthy on!

It's National Cappuccino Day so enjoy a cup & imagine you are sipping it in a café in Rome. It's Sunday Funday after all. Let your mind wander.

Chaos Never Dies Day. It sounds like a James Bond movie. When dealing with chaos, stay calm, think & take the best course of action. Be 007.

Happy 240th Birthday to the United States Marine Corps! To all Marines, thank you for your sacrifice & service for our country.

It's Veterans Day-a special day to honor all U.S. Military Veterans. Thank you for your dedication & service. We appreciate you today & always.

Wishing all who are celebrating a very Happy Diwali. Best wishes for the New Year.

It's Chicken Soup for the Soul Day so have some chicken soup & ponder your life. My ebook Got My Happy™: Body Passport is good for the soul too.

It's World Kindness Day so do as many acts of kindness as you can today. A simple act of kindness can go a long way-it can make someone's day!

It's Loosen Up Lighten Up Day-perfect for this weekend so you can unwind before the holidays. Comedy is a way to loosen up so watch some for fun.

Please come back and visit again soon. There will be more daily celebrations forthcoming! In the meantime, how about a nice dog tag & my book Got My Happy™: Body Passport for yourself? Both are available for purchase on this website.
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