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Mighty Motivators V


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The Might Motivators have been very busy. They've been working overtime to provide you with even more motivation. Here are their latest and greatest efforts:

Monday needs you. Monday simply can't go on without you. (Well it can but it doesn't want to) Don't let Monday down.

Imagine your perfect day. Don't leave out any details. Now keep imagining it. This is how a perfect day begins.

Life is finding & collecting pearls (of wisdom) so you can make your own beautiful necklace.

If it is meant for you to travel the world then you will go. If not you can travel it from afar by going on Pinterest.

Weekender: Let the hunt for red October begin-no not the movie the fall foliage! Go to a garden/park to find red & other colorful leaves.

Congratulations to all Chicago Marathoners! Go the distance! You're an inspiration to us all!

An extra day of rest allows you to be your best. This week better be ready for you-thanks to Christopher Columbus.

Small acts of bravery prepare you for larger ones-ride in an elevator, talk to someone new, try a new food, or do public speaking to develop courage

Water your plant. Walk your dog. Their Happiness depends on it so your Happiness depends on it. Just a reminder since you're busy.

Stop guilty pleasure―guilt means you are judging your own Happiness & making excuses for why you like something. It's just pleasure

Weekender: Today get ready for Sweetest Day. Tomorrow enjoy it. Sunday relax. Be your own sweetest if you don't have one right now.

Be 100% motivated for some Monday Motivation. Give motivation your all.

Eventually all wrong answers lead to the right one. By giving up you are settling for a wrong answer. Keep going=find the right one

The future is unending so all of your dreams can come true. It just takes you.

The word smart contains the word art. Finding words in words, combining or rhyming words is fun & you are inspiring yourself.

Weekender: Get ready for Halloween this weekend. Get candy/stickers/toys for the treaters. Pick your horror flicks. Get the ghosts ready to scare.

Saturday Inspiration: Saturday, please stay. I just want to have some fun today. You're my favorite day.

Live each day with the same enthusiasm as when you see your food coming towards you in a restaurant.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find the answers to the clues you are given to fulfill your destiny.

Work at home/close to home or take public transportation to work then spend more time enjoying life and less time driving in traffic.

Let your gut instinct be your guide. Your mind can overthink & your heart just wants. Your gut, however, just knows. Trust it.

Weekender: Enjoy your Saturday Halloween & your Sunday fallback time change. You get an extra hour of sleep to recover from all of the fun.

That's all the Mighty Motivators have for you right now. For additional motivation until they return, they recommend the book Got My Happy™: Body Passport which is available for purchase on the shop page of this website. They really like the dog tags as well and think they're super cool! You can purchase them on the shop page as well. 
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