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Daily Celebrations September Edition


This is the latest edition of Daily Celebrations. It's meant to inspire you going forward. The key is that you are celebrating every day simply because there is too much goodness in the world not to. Your Happiness, in part, depends upon it. Here are the celebrations:

Self-Improvement Month. Improve now before the New Year. Work on your New Year's Resolution today to make 2016 your best year ever.

Today marks the 70th Anniversary of V-J Day. Thank you to our U.S. military for their service to our country. Gratitude to all forever.

Bowling League Day. Anyone can bowl & join a league to strike, to spare & to be social. Take part in a season of bowling for some fun.

Hug Your Boss Day. Give them a hug or fist bump. Ask how you can help them. Listen & follow-up. You will stand out. Do it later if they're off.

It's College Football Kickoff 2015! All teams are on equal footing to start the season. Put on your favorite team colors & watch the game!

International Bacon Day. Go hog wild & pile on the bacon or just have some bacon bits or even just smell the bacon to celebrate today.

Happy World Beard Day to my bearded Followers and as ZZ Top sings go out and be a "Sharp Dressed Man" today!

Pet Rock Day. Inside your head is an idea that might be the next big thing. Make it your "pet" project. Your millions are waiting.

SundayFunday is best when there is no work on Monday. Then it becomes a double SundayFunday. Hope you're having one today!

Labor Day-a day to acknowledge work efforts. Your reward: a day off for all of your hard work. Even better-it falls on a Monday. Enjoy!

Another Look Unlimited Day. Got stuff? Donate, gift, or reuse it on this fall cleaning day. All stuff doesn't need to be landfill bound.

Wonderful Weirdos Day-a day to express your individuality. It's Teddy Bear Day too so be unique & go get yourself a bear.

NFL Kickoff Day-a fan's favorite day next to Super Bowl 50. Will your team make it to the big game? You can wait to watch & to find out.

Patriot Day, Remembrance Day of 9/11. Take a moment of silence for those who were lost. Visit the memorial if you can. Honor the Heroes.

Video Games Day. Make your mind an arcade & play some video games. They put your mind in the fun zone. Attention all Gamers: Game on!

Grandparents Day. They're in the know as the wisest of us all. Close the generation gap & connect today. Your Motto is: Love/Listen/Learn

Happy Rosh Hashanah! Wishing you a happy, healthy & prosperous 5776!

Check-Up Day for this Self-Help Month. Uh-Oh. Are you focused on improving to kick start 2016? Self-Improvement is DIY-you make a better you.

Greenpeace day. Keep earth clean & green with no trash on the ground only in a garbage can please. Then there will be such green-peace.

Working Parents Day-a day to appreciate modern day parents who find a way to make it work while they work. They deserve a break today.

There will be more celebrations to come. In the meantime, you can get Got My Happy™: Body Passport to help you to celebrate until then. It's available on the shop page of this website along with a nice dog tag too!                                                                                                                                                     book  dog tag        

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