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Mighty Motivators IV


Mighty Motivators IV have come marching in and they are ready to motivate you! Ultimately, they just want to help you to be even more successful than you already are. Here's what they have to say:

Set the table for a successful year now. Plan, organize, & budget so you are ready to succeed & celebrate in 2016. The time is now.

Give a compliment. Receive a compliment. Give a compliment. Receive a compliment. This could go on all day. Exactly. Yes it should.

For anything you do, you never lose! You always gain something-knowledge, experience, life lessons, new ideas or new connections. You just get better for the next time!

Weekender: Summer to fall holiday extravaganza! Spend it with your family, friends & grill. Grill as much as you can to celebrate. Grill on!

You are an expert climber. You can climb up a ladder, up the stairs & up a hill. You can climb up to success if you aren't already there.

This week is off to a great start. Labor Day is your Monday Motivation for the entire week.  Extra rest=extra energy so you'll be fired up all week long.

Feng Shui your life. Put yourself among people/places/things that bring joy & make you Happy. Keep your positive energy flowing.

Wishing You The Happiest & Best Life Today & Always. May Success Follow You Wherever You May Go.

Practice morning affirmations: Wake-up/Thank You I'm alive! Look in mirror/ Hello Beautiful! Head out/I Love You World & You Love Me!

Weekender: Go on a scavenger hunt for summer. Find any remainder of summer-anything or activity you can find having to do with summer & enjoy.

Have a crazy-good, really great, super fantastic Monday! Happy Monday!

Congrats to Isaac Caldiero & Geoff Britten! Both showed at American Ninja Warrior anything is possible if you believe!

Any location can become a dance floor for celebration so go ahead & dance. Sometimes you just want to dance because you feel so good.

Life is better when you're laughing & smiling. Spend the rest of your life doing both. Laugh & smile whenever possible.

Weekender: Time to get your fall bucket list ready. It goes by fast & rolls right into the holidays. Plan that hayride so you don't miss out.

For every crazy thing that happens today, turn it into something positive. Counter Monday insanity with sanity!

Have the wonder of a child, the spirit of a teenage & the confidence of an adult. This is how to live life to the fullest.

Real Happiness is doing the right thing/what's right, striving to be better & having fun along the way. True Happiness is all of these combined. This is the secret formula for Happiness.

Asking questions is a tool to better yourself. It shows that you are interested, involved & that you care. Then you learn & get better.

Weekender: Get your pumpkin. Get your costume. Get both of these before they're gone. They're going fast so get going.

Start each day with a reason to celebrate...Everyday there's something in the world to celebrate. From book Body Passport.

Keep Positivity Trending. Stay positive & put a positive spin on negative things. Tell others to do the same.

You're only human so let your religion or spirituality guide you to what comes next. It's always there for you 24/7.

4th Quarter 2015 Starts Now! No matter how this year began it can end well for you. Focus & Make It Happen!

Weekender: It's save the best for first weekend. Do your favorite fall activity now. Don't wait for fun.

Well, the Mighty Motivators are done for now but they suggest the book Got My Happy™: Body Passport to keep you motivated until they return. The purpose of the book is to bring joy to those dealing with difficult situations including stressful work and life moments. You can get it on the shop page of this website.


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