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Your Food Frenzy


coffee cupThere are many things that you need to do for the rest of your life and eating is one of them. You have to eat. The hardest part is minimizing all of the food that is bad for you. The problem is that it just tastes so darn good. There are certain food danger zones that pull you in more than others. Here are some of them along with tips on how to avoid them:

-If you run on empty (stomach) into a grocery store, you'll end up buying too much food because you're hungry. Fuel yourself up with food then go grocery shopping. If you run on empty (stomach) by starving yourself the entire day in order to eat that special meal, you'll end up eating everything in sight when you do finally get to eat. Running on empty is not a good thing for your car or your body. Snack lightly during the day of that special meal and take leftovers from that special meal instead. Stop the running on empty.

-By buying in bulk, you might end up eating in bulk which eventually might cause you to bulk up. Divide and hide your bulk food items. Divide it up so it lasts. If the quantity is supposed to last a month then it shouldn't be eaten in a week. Hide it to eliminate your temptation. Out of sight is out of mind. Unbulk and cover up your food so that you have no extra bulk on your body. Bulky shouldn't describe your body unless you want it to as in bulked-up (bodybuilder).

-The office lunchroom is dangerous ground so tread lightly. There's some leftover Halloween candy in there, someone brought in doughnuts, there are other snacks all over the place and a catered lunch from somewhere is being delivered-Oh no! Food has taken over the lunchroom. Don't go in there alone. Have an office co-worker buddy go with you. Why? You're always more self-conscious when eating with other people and in front of other people. Then you don't eat quite as much. Also, take only one plate of food. If you're inclined to take more, take it home with you for dinner. Beware of the loaded lunchroom.

-Cheat days are a must no matter what type of diet you follow. You periodically have to have your favorite foods because you're only human. You simply cannot live the rest of your life without eating your favorite foods. The key is that you get back on your diet and don't feel totally derailed because of it. Depending upon how disciplined you are, this determines how often you get to cheat. Some people can eat a couple of pieces of chocolate a day while still eating healthy the rest of the day. Other people prefer to eat healthy during the work week but then to cheat on the weekends. They find a way to still get back on their diet come Monday. Finally for others, they can only cheat on holidays/special events which ends up being about once a month so they don't lose control of their diet. Only you know which is best for you. One of the reasons that you binge eat is because you don't allow yourself diet cheat days. Sometimes you've got to feed your inner food cheat.

In the end, you not only have to eat but you like to eat. Food is always a feast for the eyes. It's when it's always a feast for the body that it becomes a problem.

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