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Make Every Day a Holiday II


As a sequel to Make Every Day a Holiday, Make Every Day a Holiday II is here! These are based off of my social media tweets, posts, and pins. Remember, some of these listed below are National Days of Celebration specific to the US and some are International Days of Celebration. Enjoy and be inspired!

Canada Day. Happy Canada Day to all Canadians! Canada is a beautiful country and so are you!

It's the start of the holiday weekend. Get ready to celebrate your Americanness with your fellow Americans. Have a Safe & Happy 4th of July

Happy Birthday America! You're 239 years old. You look amazing. You're still America the Beautiful. Just put on some firework bling bling.

America is Home Of The Free Because Of The Brave. Thank you to all service men/women on this July 4th.

A Big Congrats to the U.S. Women's' Soccer team for winning the World Cup! The Cup is on its way back to the USA! American Girls Rule Today!

Take Your Webmaster To Lunch Day. They keep your computer up & running so show them some appreciation or it may be digital lights out.

Father Daughter Take a Walk Day & It's Chocolate Day too. Take a walk together, get some chocolate & bond over the experience of both.

Shark Week. Sharknado 3 doesn't debut for 2 more weeks. Well, wait a minute. Reschedule Shark Week or make it Shark Month.

Sugar Cookie Day. The sweetest people choose the sweetest things. Go and get your sugar cookies-Sugar! You're so sweet.

Pina Colada Day. A tropical state of mind in a glass-mini umbrella included alcohol optional. Feel like you're on an island & have one.

Embrace Your Geekness Day. Intelligent and Tech Savvy, that's what you are. Embrace your inner Geek today and every day.

Shark Awareness Day. Last week was shark week but here we go again. Since there are more sharks out there we need more reminders-Beware.

Bastille Day. As Americans we thank the French for all they've given to us-most notably wine & food. We can't wait to visit!

Black Friday in July Day. Retailers can't wait until the Holidays to give you great deals. Lucky you. It's Christmas in July-Merry Xmas.

Relaxation Day after yesterday's shopping spree. If you shopped, you're probably exhausted & so is your wallet. You both need to rest.

Walk on Stilts/Take Your Houseplant for a Walk Day. Go figure. It's Monday & you know it's going to be crazy. It already is. Just laugh.

World Jump Day. Give your brain a vacation & imagine where in the world you would jump if you could. The movie Jumper fits today-to jump!

Junk Food Day. It's what it says it is-junk. No surprise there. We eat so much of it already-we'll skip this day. Eat an apple instead.

"Guess what day it is?" Asks the camel from the hump day commercial. It's Sharknado 3 Day! The sharks will be flying once again. Oh H*** No!

Social Security Week. You can print your lifetime earnings statement as a guide to help you. No charge for this-they just want your taxes.

Cousins Day. Your cousin may be like your sibling or your BFF. They always have your back since they're family. Cousins are for life!

Parents/Aunt & Uncle Day. Have one big, family celebration today. Call them up. It's Sunday after all-don't forget the cousins!

Paperback Book Day. Collect as many of these as you can. The future is e-book only & these treasures will go away-says my crystal ball.

Friendship Day isn't until Sunday but I guess that we're celebrating today! Yeah for early celebrations and true friends!

Talk In An Elevator Day. An act of bravery x 2 -riding in an elevator & talking in an elevator. How courageous are you? Test Yourself.

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