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The Best Gifts Ever


DiamondWell, with all of the shopping promotions that have gone on this month, Christmas in July is probably here to stay. We all can plan on it being a yearly event now. Think of it as a sidewalk sale for this generation―but it's online. Before you know it though, the real Christmas will be here so it might be a good time to discuss gift ideas in general. Here are some ideas for you:

Greeting cards. No matter what the special occasion is, think about giving someone 2 greeting cards instead of 1-one card to make them laugh and the other to tell them how much you love them. This gift is thoughtful and they won't expect it. Give them the experience of receiving your thoughts and feelings that are put into written words―both funny and serious―by giving 2 cards instead of 1.

Gift Cards. It's great to be able to buy a gift card at someone's favorite store instead of a present for them. Then, they're not disappointed and it's easy for you. If you are the receiver of a gift card, spend it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you risk that the card will be lost, destroyed or become expired. You don't want to lose your gift, so buy something you want or need right away. This gives you the experience of being your own personal shopper to spend the card since you'll be shopping with a purpose.

Personalized gifts. These types of gifts, such as a name plate necklace, have the greatest meaning because you are not just giving a gift, but you are celebrating a person's name. Names by themselves are gifts. When you take the time to recognize that, it's a gift within a gift. Someone will have the experience of proudly showing the world your personalized gift―and they'll think of you in the process.

Bouquet of flowers. Since flowers don't last unless you buy silk or preserved flowers, make sure that you get a nice vase to go along with fresh flowers. Clear vases are boring so get one with color or a nice pattern on it. You want them to remember that you bought them flowers now don't you? This is how to get maximum enjoyment out of a flower gift. Every time they see the vase, they will have the experience of thinking of you.

Free gifts with luxury item purchases. Make sure to get your free gift with any expensive luxury item you buy i.e. perfume. This gives you the experience of feeling that you're getting something for free. If you choose to give one of the items to someone else, you'll have the experience of sharing your gift.

Balloons for celebration. Fill someone's office, bedroom, closet etc. with balloons to celebrate their special event. Fill the entire room with balloons. They'll be really happy and surprised by it. You'll be giving someone a surprise celebration experience to remember either as the gift itself or to go along with another gift.

Gifts for your significant other. If you are going away with your significant other for a honeymoon, couples retreat/getaway, or an anniversary, leave a little gift (nominal, inexpensive) for your significant other in the hotel room each day of your stay, for the duration of your stay. It can be a souvenir, a little box of chocolate, a single rose etc. or anything else that you can think of so when they come back to the room each day―Surprise! Another gift! You'll be giving them the experience of receiving gifts throughout your trip. This will be their best trip ever because of the thought that you put into it.

Birthday gifts for yourself. Spend some time prior to your birthday finding all of the things that you can do at a discount or get for free on your birthday. Then take the day off from work on your birthday as a gift to yourself. Spend your special day collecting all of the gifts that you have found. Or if you prefer, you can splurge and take a spa day to treat yourself. Give yourself the experience of celebrating you.

Sampler gift boxes. Rather than giving a full bottle of wine, a case of beer or an entire gourmet food product if you don't know someone's preference, give a sampler box instead. This way you're giving someone the experience of sampling different items (which is fun) in addition to the gift itself.

Bottom line, the best gifts come with an experience to go along with them. You and your gifts will always be remembered. This is what makes them the best gifts ever.

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