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Break Away and Take a Break


ClockSometimes your brain needs a vacation in addition to your body. You want to get out of the daily grind of life, in general, and to do something different. You want your mind to drift. In my book, in the section titled "Body Vitals Not to be Missed," I make a note of this as follows: "Life can be one big puzzle palace. Give your brain a break. Take a mental health day and entertain your brain instead of working your brain. Then entertain your brain all day long."

Here are some suggestions to do just that:

-Enjoy taking surveys and entering contests. Both of these can provide stress relief for your brain. Completing surveys allows you to share your thoughts, both good and bad, and to communicate with someone who really wants to listen. Contest forms allow you to dream about winning while you're filling them out and while you're waiting to hear who the winner is. Taking surveys and entering contests can be hobbies in and of themselves. The data collector wants to hear from you.

-Make your mind "an arcade" and play some video games. They put your mind in the fun zone. Video games are all the rage as technology has evolved and many people are playing them now with new players joining in all of the time. You might already be doing this and if you are, you can just check the box.

-Take up a childhood pastime-coloring. It's making a comeback and it's trending right now among adults. To chill out, many adults are now coloring their way to stress relief, calm, relaxation and fun once again. You can too. Think of it as art therapy. Adult coloring books are available along with adult crayons aka colored pencils or you can still be a kid and just use crayons along with kid coloring books.

-Take your entertainment to the next level. If you love watching movies, have a movie marathon and watch all of your favorite movies one after another. If you love cars, go test drive some luxury cars and visit the fancy dealership showrooms. If you love sports, go out to watch your favorite sports team either at a road watch party or at the stadium itself. If you love shopping, you're already at the next level and no direction is needed. Entertainment is better at the next level.

-Create a Fun Facts Sheet to remember and to highlight the best parts of your life. Think of it as a resume of your life. Things to consider: What's the craziest or funniest thing you've ever done? What's your favorite nickname? What's the greatest adventure you ever took? What's your favorite body part? What are you most proud of? Include anything that's fun about yourself that you would be willing to share with others or even just to keep for yourself. By making this Fun Fact Sheet, you're ready to have a fun conversation about yourself with anyone in any social situation. Or, you can just hand them the sheet if you prefer, if you're an introvert like me.

Remember, your entertainment can't start without you so take a break and enjoy your life. You deserve it right now and later on too.

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