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The Gifts of Summer


ButterflyThe holiday season is filled with gifts and gift giving, but it's not the only season filled with gifts. Summer brings gifts as well, but of a different kind. Summer itself is a gift since it's the best relief from winter. It also is a gift that keeps on giving. The entire summer season provides emotional Happiness at the highest levels. Here are the gifts of summer:

The gift of light. The sun in the summertime is its brightest and longest lasting (16 hours' worth!). This allows you to have fun whenever and as often as you want it. And as an added bonus, even the summer darkness brings beautiful light―sparklers, fireflies, and fireworks. These lights are usually only seen in the summer which makes them so special. Summer is a season of light. Walk toward the light, play with the light, or watch the light. There are so many things you can do with the light. Summer is full of light.

The gift of color. Summer fashion has so many bright colors to begin with. Then you add light to them as referenced in the above gift, and now you have a full on glow! The summer sun acts like a prism and reflects the light so colors are enhanced and brightened. Everything looks so colorful and so beautiful! If you get lucky, you"ll also see a rainbow which adds even more color to summer. Summer colors your world brilliantly.

The gift of water. In the winter when the water is frozen, it isn't quite as much fun as in the summer, unless you like the cold and frozen outdoors. Many people don't. The summer sun warms the water so you can go and play in it. From water balloons, to water slides and water parks and swimming pools, the water is so inviting and refreshing especially on a hot day. You can't wait to jump in. Summer is such a splash!

The gift of a party. There's a party going on every day in the summer. It's amazing that you can find the time to work. Whether it's a fair, festival, carnival, parade, block, outdoor or family party, you can get your party on all season long. There's no other season like it for parties. Summer is "thee" party season. Take that holiday parties.

The gift of food. Summer rivals Thanksgiving and the Holidays, in general, for having the best food. Fruits and veggies are at their ripest and most delicious. It's so easy to eat healthy in the summer for this reason―if you can resist the temptation of all of the carnival food. By carnival food I mean the ice cream trucks driving around loaded with ice cream, the hot dogs and hamburgers that are menu item staples everywhere in the summer, the barbequed everything and the rest of the carnival food including funnel cakes, elephant ears, corn dogs, snow cones, and cotton candy. There's so much temptation, it's hard to resist. Summer is a "feastival" all summer long. 

The gift of fun. Fun in the sun is the definition of summer. You can go for a bike ride, boat ride, or car ride with the top down. You can go to an amusement park and be amused. You can go to a park and fly a kite or rollerblade. You can go to the beach and play volleyball. There are so many things to do in the summer you could do something different every day. How much fun is that?    90 days of summer worth.

Cherish all of your gifts of summer before summer and the gifts that go with it are gone. Get your summer on!       

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