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There for You



In honor of Father's Day, I wrote something special to celebrate:

"There for You"

You learned to ride a bike with help from Dad

You played catch and built sandcastles together

You delighted in something he got just for you

You went out with your friends chauffeured by Dad

You turned to him when you felt lost or were in trouble

You asked him to fix something beyond repair

You felt he loved you even in tough times

You watched him grill a steak he cooked perfectly for you

You got your driver's license after training with Dad

You called him to say you were okay any time of day

You quoted Dad to others with wisdom he gave you

You followed his lead and succeeded in life

You celebrated together all special occasions 

You had a drink with Dad when your age was right

You hugged him each time you said "Hello" or "Goodbye"

You did all of this because ... Dad has always been there for you. He rules!
Happy Father's Day!  Thank you to all the great Dads out there for all that you do!

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