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Cleanliness is Bliss


thumb's upNowadays, just getting cleaned up isn't enough to rid yourself of germs. There's a germ invasion going on and germs are on the loose. You never know where you might find them. They're showing up in all kinds of places. To contain these germs, a germ management program is needed throughout the day. Taking a shower, brushing your teeth and gargling with mouthwash every day are a good start to getting clean but extra precautions are needed to fight these germs. Here are some suggestions:

 -Don't touch the toilet seat or toilet handle in a public restroom and don't put anything on the dirty floor. Hang your stuff (purse, coat) up on the door and do whatever you need to do to avoid touching any part of the toilet in a public restroom. Bottom line, don't touch that toilet with your bare hands or bare bottom.

-Wash your hands before you eat and after you use the restroom. Keep your hands free of germs since you touch your face far more than you may realize throughout the day.

-Use hand sanitizer after touching the handrail on an escalator. Use it after touching anything in a taxi cab and after touching anything in the subway. Germs love to hang out with you in these places. They're unwanted friends. Unfriend them by using hand sanitizer.

-Throw out your own garbage in a garbage can. Own your dirt which includes your garbage and throw it out properly. By doing this, it makes you feel clean on the inside.

-Check your shoes (and the germs on them) in at the door. Take your shoes off immediately when entering your home. Don't walk the germs into your home. They're not your pet.

-Machine wash any store bought clothes (thrift or retail) before you wear them. This includes underwear or a bathing suit. Since other people have tried them on, their germs are still on your new clothes. This is why they need to be washed before you wear them―and you'll want to wash them considering this.

-Sneeze robustly to get all of the germs out of your body―the stronger, the better and it's okay if you're loud. Remember to cover your mouth with your hand or a tissue when you sneeze.

-Wipe the handle and perimeter of your grocery cart with the complimentary disinfecting wipes that the grocery store provides. The cart is dirty and there's no cart wash available. Do this before you start to grocery shop. Wipe anywhere on the cart that you may touch then go shopping.

-Be the first person in line at a food buffet when the food is brought out. Get there before everyone else shows up with their germs.

-When food or beverage sharing with someone, divide the serving up and put it on separate plates or in separate glasses before you both start to consume it. Then you'll just be sharing the food or the beverage with them and not the germs. This is how to avoid germ sharing.

-Take a shower as soon as you can after a flight. Airports and airplanes are full of passengers and their germs. Germs fly national or international, it doesn't matter to them. They just like to travel and they can be on you by the time you arrive at your destination. This can happen since each airplane uses recycled passenger air and not fresh air when in flight. Upon arrival at your destination hotel or otherwise, put your clothes from the flight into a laundry bag to be washed and take a shower. Send those germs packing.

-Take the comforter off of the bed in your hotel room and don't use it. The hotel doesn't wash comforters and consequently they're full of germs from all of the past activity that's occurred on them.

Well, you might not remember to do all of these things, all of the time but hopefully you'll remember to do most of them, most of the time as cleanliness is bliss!

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