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The Age of Self-Empowerment


Your age is just a number that the whole world wants to know. This is so true, I made it a chapter in my new book (coming out this summer). Whenever you see someone, you first look at their appearance and decide if you like it or not. Then immediately it becomes about how old they are. You want that number straight up. More than anything else about them, you want to know how old they are. Our celebrity entertainment shows have recognized this and that's why they say "she's only 40 years old!" They get that answer for you right away. Before the arrival of the internet, you had to guess a celebrity's age because the information wasn't publicly available; it was easier for famous people to keep their age a secret. Today, not so much. Even for us normal folks, age is easily discovered. The sooner you become comfortable with sharing that information, the easier it will be for you to move on and talk about more important things in life, like world peace. Yes, your age is just a number--that the whole world wants to know and they will never stop wanting to know it.

Your age is a measure of your human existence--how much time have you logged in here on planet Earth-- It's your time stamp and that's all. Don't turn it into something more, because aging does have its advantages. As I mention in my book: One of the great things about aging is you become more of who you are because you care less about what people think. You just don't care and you do your thing. A great example of this is attending a class reunion. You want to go back and show your classmates who you really are at your high school reunion. You just can't wait to do this.

The problem with being in high school is you care what people think ... because you have to. It's a 9-5 world that you're unprepared for and you just try to "fit in". It's a little Corporate America that's highly scrutinized with a class president, the cliques and the whole shebang. Then after four years of this nonsense, they hand you a diploma as you stroll across a stage wearing the same cap and gown as everyone else. It's at the graduation ceremony that "fitting in" doesn't matter anymore and you can finally reveal your true colors--but everyone is leaving. This explains why you can't wait to go back to your high school reunion--to show them. Don't wait until your high school reunion to enjoy the advantage of your age by showing who you really are. Remember: with age comes benefits--a lot of them—including wisdom, confidence, culture, earned credibility and cash, all gained from your many life experiences and age. Thank goodness the term "aging in reverse" only applies to your appearance because why the heck would you want to reverse anything else?

In the end, the most disrespectful thing you can due to your age is "dis" your birthday. Don't roll your eyes, view it as a day of dread or treat it like it's just another day. Don't bail on your birthday. It deserves better than that. It doesn't care how old you are. Celebrate your birthday like you mean it. Make your next the best birthday in your life so far.

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